Ziwi Peak Wet Cat Food: Best 5 Features & Benefits

Ziwi peak wet cat food is made in New Zealand. It is more expensive than many other brands, but it claims that its products are of higher quality.

The ingredients are 100% natural and come from various sources worldwide, including Australia, South America, and New Zealand. Ziwi peak does not contain any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

Ziwi Peak wet cat food is a new product on the market that many veterinarians are endorsing. The company claims that its products are “nutrient-rich,” making it more beneficial for your cat to eat wet food instead of dry food.

They also claim that their ingredients are “free of grains and fillers.” This means their food contains only meat, vegetables, and supplements.

Description Of Ziwi Peak Cat Food

Ziwi peak is an Australian-based company that specializes in pet food. Hannah Byron founded ziwi peak in 2003 to provide the best possible nutrition for cats and dogs.

Ziwi peak sources their ingredients from New Zealand, free of antibiotics, growth hormones, and additives. The company claims that its products are “nutrient-rich.”

Ingredients In Ziwi Peak Cat Food

Ziwi Peak’s ingredients are made from only 100% natural and nutritious food. The primary ingredients of the food include; Chicken, Salmon, Lamb, Fish, Spinach which are rich in iron and vitamins B12, C, and E. These ingredients come from New Zealand and Australia. The food also contains flaxseed oil.

Ziwi Peak Wet Cat Food
Ziwi Peak Wet Cat Food

The amounts of ingredients in each pack are 220 grams of chicken, 220 grams of salmon, 220 grams of lamb, and 220 grams of fish. Each pack contains a lot of meat compared to other dry foods.

The carbohydrate sources for Ziwi peak include potatoes, rice, and peas which are good energy sources. Each bag contains approximately 5% carbs less than the 10% that dry foods usually contain.

Animal protein helps to make your cat’s coat healthier. Vegetable protein helps to build muscle, so your cat is more active. Proteins from grains provide energy for healthy body weight keep skin strong and fur healthy.

Sourcing And Manufacturing

Ziwi peak wet cat food is made in New Zealand

Why Feed Your Cat ZIWI Peak Wet Food?

Feline nutrition expert, Hannah Byron, established ZIWI Peak to achieve her vision of providing the best possible nutrition for cats and dogs.

ZIWI Peak had several objectives

The company has an extensive range of products for cats and dogs and sells them via pet shops.

ZIWI Peak Air-Dried Cat Food


What Makes It Different From Other Food?

It is 100% natural, has no additives, and animal protein is important for your cat.

Does It Have Any Side Effects?

There are no side effects or reactions because the company uses 21st-century technology and the latest proven ingredients in its products.

When To Feed Them This Food?

It is suitable for adult cats of all ages. This food should be fed to your cat at different times instead of always dry food.

How Long Is It Safe To Feed Them This Food?

It is safe for a long time as all ingredients are natural and cruelty-free. You can feed them for as many years as you want.

However, it is not recommended to feed this food if you have a small kitten because the protein in their diet may not be enough during their first year of development.

Features & Benefits

1. It is 100% natural and has no additives.

2. It contains fish oil which is good for your cat’s health.

3. It contains lamb, which is high-energy meat that can help make your cat more active.

4. The protein in this food is amino acid-rich, making it a highly digestible food.

5. This allows the nutrients to be absorbed by your cat quickly and efficiently.

Besides, it helps build muscle, so your cat is more active and energetic.

ZIWI Peak Canned Wet Cat Food


Has Ziwi Cat Food Been Recalled?

No, there were no recalls.

How Is It Stored?

Please keep it in an airtight container in a cool, dry place. Also, the packaging helps to keep the food fresh for longer.

Can I Feed ZIWI Cat Food To My Kitten?

Yes, you can feed this food to your kitten after 6 months. However, it is not recommended to give them wet food all the time as they may develop diarrhea or gingivitis as they have weaker immune systems than adult cats.

Is ZIWI Pet Food A Good Quality Product?

Yes, the company uses only high-quality ingredients. Also, they use advanced technology to help reduce fat levels and make food safe for pets.

Do Vets Recommend Ziwipeak?

Yes, several vets recommend this food because it is made of high-quality ingredients and the protein source is enough for your cat.

How Much Would I Be Paying For This Product?

It depends on the price of the pack bought in your nearest Pet Shop. A pack of Ziwi Peak wet cat food costs $35.00 to $53.00, depending on the size that you choose.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, I think it’s good cat food for any cat owner. My cat has been eating this for about a year, and she loves it. She doesn’t even like her dry food anymore.

This is a good quality cat food that you can buy from a local store or online. You should try it because you might enjoy your cats better when healthy and happy!

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