Large Kibble Cat Food: 5 Best Cat Food With Large Kibble

A large kibble cat food is not a new concept; it is a new packaging design to help spread the word about healthy cat foods.

Large kibble cat food is a premium cat food made for cats with larger appetites. This type of cat food has been around for many years but is only now beginning to catch on, thanks to its convenience and cost savings over the small kibble.

Large kibble cat foods are offered in various shapes, sizes, and flavors to suit your cat’s needs. Cats love the taste and smell of large dry cat foods and often resist eating other kinds of dry foods.

Many cat food brands are now offering a larger size kibble. Although the bag may cost a bit more upfront, you save money in the long run.

Every time you go to replace your cat foods, try comparing the size of each kibble and see if you can find one with larger-sized kibbles because your cat will thank you and reward you with their affection.

10 Features Of Large Kibble Cat Food

Here are 10 features of Large Kibble cat food:

1)  High protein content, providing plenty of high energy cat kibble

2)  Ideal for cats who have dietary allergies

3)  Provides a constant supply of fresh, moist kibbles, which cats find highly rewarding

4)  Encourages healthy dental health by making teeth brushing easy.

5)  Large kibble is an excellent source of taurine, which has been linked to improved muscle tone and strength.

Large Kibble Cat Food
Large Kibble Cat Food

6)  Large kibble is easily digestible, making healthier digestion a very important benefit

7) There’s no need to chop up food before feeding a cat with large kibble. Just scoop out the kibbles!

8)  Large kibble is easy to give to a cat, as it doesn’t get lodged in the throat as smaller chunks can sometimes do.


1) Digestibility is excellent, even for cats with sensitive stomachs

2) The size of the kibble keeps kitties entertained and busy. Try to leave a little food on the floor when they’re done eating, so they’ll hunt it down!

3) Many owners report that their furballs’ coats became softer after switching to large kibble. 

4) Large Kibble has no artificial colors or flavors.


1) Large kibble tends to be somewhat more expensive than small kibble

2) Some cats may find the large kibble too large for their digestive systems and end up vomiting

3) Because large kibble is so rich, it’s not suitable as a regular meal for kittens. Smaller chunks are much easier for them to digest.

5 Best Cat Foods With Large Kibble Cat Food

Here are the 5 Best Cat Foods with Large kibble cat food:

1. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry Adult Cat Food

It’s a combination of grain-free & meat ingredients, which contains muscle meat as the first ingredient. It is also a good source of vitamins, minerals, and omega fatty acids for your pet cat. 

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Adult Cat Food


It has a grain-free recipe with Amino Acid Designs to support healthy bone and joint structure. It is also enriched with zinc for a healthy immune system and supports healthy urinary tract functioning.

It improves overall well-being and helps to support healthy digestive function from the first bite to the last crumb. 

2. Tiki Cat Large Kibble

Tiki Cat is a large premium kibble designed especially for fussy eaters. It combines fruits and vegetables for great flavors and healthy digestion.

It is formulated with real chunks of fresh fish that cats love and fresh vegetables to provide goodness and vitamins. It also has the right amount of taurine and high-quality protein to support muscle function to promote muscle development. 

3. Hill’s Science Diet Adult Indoor Cat Large Breed Dry Cat Food:

This dry cat food is made with high-quality protein to maintain muscle mass and has a larger kibble size to promote dental health.

Hill's Science Diet Adult Indoor Cat Food

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4. Purina Beyond Grain Free Cat Food

Purina Beyond Grain Free is a large premium kibble with real chunks of real chicken and whitefish to help your fussy eaters feel like they are dining on fine cuisine.

Purina Beyond Grain Free Cat Food

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It features a grain-free recipe with chicken as the first ingredient, containing no artificial flavors or fillers. It also contains 0% wheat and gluten to serve a healthy diet for your fussy cat. 

5. Orijen Cat & Kitten Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

Orijen Cat & Kitten Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

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This premium cat food is made with a high protein content from fresh, regional ingredients. It is grain-free and includes a variety of meat sources to provide a biologically appropriate diet for cats.

It’s important to note that every cat’s nutritional needs may vary, so it’s a good idea to consult your veterinarian to determine the best cat food for your specific feline companion.

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Does the size of cat kibble matter?

The size of cat kibbles does not matter. The size is not related to the nutritional content. The size of the kibbles is only related to convenience and cost.

What Size Kibble Is Best For Cat?

The best size kibble for a cat can depend on several factors, including age, dental health, and individual preferences. In general, smaller kibble sizes are recommended for kittens, senior cats, or those with dental issues, as they are easier to chew and digest.

Larger kibble sizes may be more suitable for adult cats with healthy teeth and jaws, as they can help promote chewing and dental health.

However, every cat is different; some cats may have individual kibble size and texture preferences. Some cats may prefer smaller kibble pieces that are easier to eat, while others may prefer larger pieces that require more chewing.

Experimenting with different kibble sizes and textures is a good idea to find what works best for your cat.

In addition to kibble size, choosing a high-quality cat food that meets your cat’s nutritional needs is important.

Look for cat food specifically formulated for your cat’s life stage and any health issues it may have.

Is bigger kibble better for cats?

Bigger kibble is not necessarily better for cats, but it can benefit certain cats with healthy teeth and jaws. Larger kibble can promote chewing and dental health by providing more resistance to the teeth, which can help reduce the buildup of plaque and tartar.

However, it’s important to note that every cat is different, and some cats may prefer smaller kibble pieces that are easier to eat.

Additionally, some cats may have dental issues that make it difficult to chew larger kibble, which may be more appropriate for smaller kibbles.

When choosing a cat food, it’s important to consider the size and texture of the kibble and your cat’s individual needs and preferences.

Consult with a veterinarian to determine the appropriate kibble size for your cat, and consider choosing a high-quality cat food that meets your cat’s nutritional needs.

Will a larger kibble size help clean my cat’s teeth?

A larger kibble size can potentially help clean your cat’s teeth by promoting chewing and providing more resistance to the teeth, which can help scrape away plaque and tartar buildup.

However, it’s important to note that kibble alone cannot fully prevent dental issues in cats, and regular dental check-ups and cleanings with a veterinarian are still necessary.


There is evidence that suggests large kibbles are more nutritious than small kibbles. Larger kibbles allow for more time for your cat to digest their food and for them to consume it with less mess.

Cats have a unique digestive system and unique tooth-to-food habits compared to dogs, meaning cats need a different kind of nutrition.

Large kibbles might be a bit more expensive upfront, but it is well worth the investment in your cat’s health. Even if you have to look for a larger bag of kibble each time, seeing your cat’s health improve over time will be well worth it.

Most importantly, I do not think cats would get sick if you feed them large kibbles. If you care about your pet’s health and happiness, feeding them large kibbles will not hurt them.


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