How to Make Dry Food for Cat: 3 Easy Steps

How to Make Dry Food for Cat? Dry food is a convenient way to feed your cat in between meals. Making dry food at home can save you money and help you better control the ingredients in your pet’s diet.

How to Make Dry Food for Cat
How to Make Dry Food for Cat

In this article, we’ll give you some tips on making dry food for cats at home that will be healthy and delicious!

Dry cat food can be made by following these steps:

1. Place the dry food in the bowl

2. Add water to make it wet

3. Put some canned tuna on top of the food

4. Keep the dish in a closed plastic container with holes punched in the lid so that air can get in, or cover with cling wrap

5. Set dish near a window or outside where the cat will have access to it

Note: Do not leave this for more than 12 hrs

This will make the cat hydrated, and it will be able to drink water.

Please share these tips with your friends, family, or whoever else may need them so that we can help save our cats around us!

3 Easy Recipe How to Make dry food for cat

Cats need their food just like we do! Here are 3 easy recipes that will show you how to make dry food for cat: 

 1. Dry food with bread crumbs or dry biscuits


  • Bread Crumbs,
  • Chicken Broth,
  • Water,
  • Canned Cat Food (Tuna)


In a large mixing bowl, add 1 part breadcrumbs to 2 parts water. Add more water until the mixture is moist and sticky enough to stay together if you roll it into a ball.

Hold up the ball of breadcrumb mixture, pull pieces off until you have small granules. Add 1-2 teaspoons canned cat food to make dry food for cats

2. Dry food with raw or cooked eggs


  • Egg,
  • Water,
  • Canned Cat Food (Tuna)


Boil or scramble an egg. If you use raw eggs, make sure you give them to your pet right away before it starts to cook on its own. Add 1-2 teaspoons of canned cat food to make dry food for cats.

3. Dry food with Tuna and water


  • Canned Tuna,
  • Water,
  • Cat Food (Dry)


Open a can of tuna and mix it up with water until the consistency is that of a creamy soup. Add 1-2 teaspoons of canned cat food to make dry food for cats.

Disclaimer: You should not make any changes to your cat’s food without consulting a vet first! Keeping this for more than 12 hours is not recommended. We recommend giving small amounts twice a day and always keeping fresh water available at all times for your cat.

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The benefit of dry cat food

The benefit of dry cat food is that it is convenient. Cats are busy animals that need their food on the go and can be very picky with what they eat when left to forage for themselves.

Dry cat food can be purchased in bulk at great prices but is often composed of less than delicious ingredients such as animal by-products, filler grains, and other low-quality ingredients.

Making dry cat food from scratch at home allows you to control what goes into your pet’s diet and can also be very economical when purchased in bulk!

4 Tips on how to make dry cat food:

1. Don’t skimp out on the protein!

Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning that they need meat to survive. When making dry cat food at home, it is important to include a high-quality animal protein such as chicken or turkey in your pet’s diet—heavy with dark meat if possible!

2. Cats like crunchy food!

Cat’s teeth are designed for ripping and tearing meats, not for chewing and grinding as ours are. Dry food is often very crunchy, giving their teeth a good workout and breaking the hard pieces apart.

3. Cats like moist food!

moist food
moist food

It is important to consider your cat’s dietary needs and offer them moist food whenever possible. Cats should never be given only dry kibble for their entire diet, as it can cause urinary tract issues and bladder stones.

Instead, moisten your cat’s dry food with water or broth throughout the week! You can also feed them wet canned food, or you can even make homemade cat food!

4. Cats need supplements!

Although cats are carnivores, they are still very vulnerable to certain key nutrients like taurine and arachidonic acid.

A high-quality animal protein source will contain these essential amino acids. Still, if your pet eats mostly plant-based proteins (i.e., vegetables), then it’s important to supplement with another source!

Is it OK to just give dry food to cats?

Some cats are perfectly happy eating only dry food, but it is recommended to feed your cat nothing but kibble. Cats are obligate carnivores meaning that they need meat to survive! Feeding them exclusively plant-based proteins can cause health problems.

Additionally, feeding them only dry food may increase the risk of urinary tract issues and bladder stones.

To keep your cats happy and healthy, try to include a moist source of protein, such as canned food or homemade cat food, at least once a week!

The Bottom Line

If you need help, we can guide and inform you. We would be happy to provide advice on how to make dry food for cats. If you want some advice on what kind of foods might be good for cats, please leave us a comment below!


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