Bland Cat Food Review: 5 Easy Ways To Feed

Many people have heard of cat food when reviewing bland cat food. In this article, we will review one type of cat food by bland cat food.

The blend diet usually consists of easily digestible foods with very soft textures. The food blend causes the cat to have a smooth, light, and fluffy stool.

Only soft foods are easy for cats to digest. The hard foods will irritate their stomachs and cause their digestive tract to be slow and hard to eat.

Therefore, cat owners need to choose a mainly soft blend for the cat’s digestion. Blended diets also help prevent urinary tract problems because of their low phosphorus content.

What Is The Most Bland Cat Food?

There are many brands of bland cat food for cats. However, the blandest cat food is the premium dry cat food by Purina, called Purina Blends. The ingredients in Purina Blends are as follows:

Meat as the main ingredient

Meat proteins and proteins derived from non-animal sources such as wheat and soybeans

Oatmeal as the main source of fiber

Dried beet pulp, a source of fiber that is often called a plant fiber or sourced from vegetables or fruits like broccoli or beets. Dried beet pulp is a by-product of sugar extraction from beets during the process of producing sugar

Most Bland Cat Food
Most Bland Cat Food

Dried whole egg

Soybean expeller grits, a food that has been processed to remove oil and moisture. The soybean grits are used as a natural source of fiber that contains no plant protein and are not from any animal

Why use a bland diet for cats?

In general, it is said that foods that are high in protein content have a stronger smell and taste. An example of this is raw meat.

Cats usually find it very difficult to eat such highly-protein foods. This is because cats’ digestive system has a very low level of enzyme power.

Cats cannot handle the proteins well, thus causing them to have strong digestive symptoms such as loose hair or diarrhea.

Blend cat food might be a solution for such problems because most blends contain low protein content.

The other advantage is that the cats will not have metabolic disorders due to consuming such high protein belly diets to live longer with fewer health problems.

When Do I Feed My Cat A Bland Diet?

It is a little tricky to give cats a bland diet. Some owners of cats have never heard of such cat food, so they are not familiar with the idea.

If you think about introducing this kind of diet to your cat, you should try doing it slowly by following the instructions above.

Cats who have bowel problems can also be fed bland diets because it will help them out.

Aging cats will also benefit from eating less protein and higher fiber content.

How Do You Feed A Bland Cat Diet?

Cat owners who want to feed a bland cat food diet should feed their cats with the Purina Blends dry cat food. The company recommends feeding your cat 20 to 25% of the calories and protein in their diet from this kind of food.

This means that you can choose between the varieties of Purina Blends designed for your cat’s age, weight, species, and behavior.

You can just incorporate the ingredients list with your cats’ daily meals, water, and supplements.

5 Easy Ways to Feed Smooth Cats

1. Start with a small amount at first

If you prefer to start slow, you can give your cat a small amount of food first. Many owners have this concern that their cats will not be satisfied if given a different diet. However, it would help to think about your cat’s eating habits and behavioral changes after eating some blended foods.

2. Work up to full serving

Depending on the cat’s reaction to the new diet, you should go for the normal serving in 2 or 3 weeks.

3. Don’t simply feed your cat

Blend cat food contains much less protein than raw meat diets, so you should move your cat’s food to the cupboard and then let them feed themselves.

You will be surprised that they will be fully fed by themselves, even if it is just a small amount of food.

4. Cats tend to like an extra meal

If your cat does not eat all their food, they often do not like the taste. Try different foods, such as cottage cheese, yogurt, or pumpkin. You should also add the chicken flavor to cats’ food to encourage them to eat more.

5. Add a little bit of fresh veggies

Change your cat’s diet by adding fresh vegetables, even in small portions. Veggies like broccoli and carrots are very digestible and help your cats’ digestion system work better.

What Is The Cost Of A Bland Cat Diet?

The cost of a bland cat food diet is quite high, which is quite understandable. However, many available brands offer the same price as Purina Blends. The main reason for such high prices is that this cat food contains less protein and very few ingredients.

Why Use A Bland Diet For Cats?

Cats with digestive problems or a sensitive stomach can be given a bland diet. Such diets may help cats to have longer lives.

Blended cat food contains very few ingredients, which is much more efficient and healthy than raw cat food diets containing different animal proteins.

The cost of cat food is also high, but many companies offer the same price as Purina Blends. Purina products provide a lower amount of protein but with the same quality and taste.

Is The Food That The Cat Eats Bland?

In general, cat owners think that their cats eat blandly. However, other products contain less protein and high percentages of fiber ingredients.

Purina Blends are a good option because they are very high in fiber and low in protein content.

The Purina Blends diet also contains a few seeds and some fruits and vegetables. This makes the diet very balanced and healthy for your cats to consume.

How Long Should A Cat Be On A Bland Diet?

There is no right or wrong time to start a cat diet. If your cat suddenly stops eating, it is best to consult with your veterinarian about the diet that can help it have better health.

In general, it is not recommended for cats to be changed from a high-protein to a low-protein diet or vice versa unless the owner has consulted with their veterinarian.

A cat with a sensitive stomach should have a bland diet for at least one year. Many cats don’t like to go on a diet, which means they will not be eating it normally.

The Bottom Line

Blends of Purina Blends cat food is a good option for digestive problems or those who do not like to eat meat. Your cat will probably be eating their daily food by themselves, but you should add some fresh fruits and vegetables to encourage them to eat more.

There is no right or wrong time to feed cats with a dry food diet, so you should start with small portions and work up.

In conclusion, cat owners should be mindful of what they feed their pets and always consult a veterinarian before making any changes.

When choosing new food for your cat, it is important to read the label, giving particular attention to the ingredients.

It is also important to pay attention to how much of a nutrient you are feeding your cat not to overfeed them.


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