How to Feed Cat Wet Food While Away? Best 7 Tips for You

How to Feed Cat Wet Food While Away? If you’re a cat parent who has to leave home for work or other reasons, then this blog post is for you. With some careful planning and preparation, it is possible to feed your wet pet food while away without risking spoilage of the food.

Today, we’ll be discussing how to feed your cat wet food while away from home. Cats are pretty finicky creatures when it comes to their diet. One of the many things they will turn up their noses at is dry food.

How To Feed Cat Wet Food While Away
How To Feed Cat Wet Food While Away

That’s why making sure that they have plenty of wet food on hand for when you need to leave them alone can make all the difference in reducing stress and anxiety for both kitty and owner alike! 

Can cats eat wet food alone?

In short, yes – cats can eat wet food alone. They should have a primarily wet food diet. Canned cat food is easier to digest and contains more nutrients than dry kibble. You may think that feeding your cat canned or raw food means that you have to spend more money on their diet, but this isn’t the case.

Because your furry friend is not taking in as much kibble, they will be less likely to overeat and become overweight, therefore reducing their overall caloric intake.

Wet food can also help reduce the risk of feline acne due to its water content. 

Best 7 Ways How to Feed Cat Wet Food While Away?

Feeding your cat wet food while you are away can be a bit tricky. But it doesn’t have to be!

Here are7 ways you can ensure that the cat does not have to stay hungry all day because of any work you have outside your home:

1) Invest in an automatic pet feeder

Automatic cat feeders are widely available in the market today and are a reliable solution for your problems. Program the feeder to dispense a pre-determined amount of wet food at specific times of the day.

Automatic pet feeder
Automatic pet feeder

Automatic pet feeders are a big help if you have to leave your pets for more than 4 hours at a time. The device dispenses dry food and is programmed to release it in increments throughout the day so that your cat always has access to its daily food rations.

This way, your furry friend won’t have to go hungry all day because you can’t be home to feed them.

Even better, these devices are super simple to use. Just fill the hopper with wet food, set the timer, and you’re good to go if you want to be nice to your cat while away. Get an automatic feeder for both dry and wet food so that they always have something yummy in their tummy!

2) Use an ice pack

If you own a freezer, then use it to your advantage! You can freeze wet food in small portions so that it thaws when your pet is hungry again. This way, your cat won’t have to wait too long to get its next meal.

If you don’t have a freezer or don’t want to invest in one, filling a small plastic container with water and placing it next to the wet food can also work. This way, the ice will keep everything cool for several hours.

3) Put kibble in their bowl before adding wet food

If you don’t want the hassle of getting an automatic feeder and only have to leave your cat alone for a few hours, you can try putting kibble in their bowl first. Then add some wet food on top of it; this way, the cat will be forced to eat the dry food and the wet food.

Another benefit is that dry foods help with dental hygiene, resulting in a cleaner mouth for your kitty – something every cat owner likes to see!

4) Hide the wet food

If you don’t feel like getting an automatic feeder and can only afford to leave them alone for a few hours, another solution is to hide the wet food around the house or apartment. Cats love to hunt and play, so they will have a great time trying to find their food.

5) Hire a cat sitter

If time and money are not an issue, then hiring a cat sitter to take care of your furry friend while you’re away can be one of the best choices. Just make sure that the person who’s feeding them has been properly instructed beforehand about what food to give, how much, and when!

6) Ask your neighbor or relative for help

If you have a really good relationship with your neighbor or relative, then you can ask them to feed your cat when they are around. You have to give them instructions on what food to use and how much of it. You can also give them your spare keys, so you don’t have to climb over the backyard fence every time.

7) Opt for a boarding kennel

If you don’t feel comfortable leaving your cat alone with others or can’t afford to hire a sitter but only have to be away for the weekend, then boarding kennels are also an option.

Cat boarding kennel

This way, they can socialize and get all their exercise without worrying about being alone at home. The downside is that it can be quite expensive, but if you’re willing to part with your money, then it’s worth a try!

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Do cats need wet food to survive?

No, but cats do need water to survive. While dry food helps with dental hygiene, wet food also provides hydration essential for any living being.

So if you can’t afford an automatic feeder or ask someone to help you out now and then, the best solution is to mix both dry and wet foods so that they get everything they need.

Do cats need wet food every day?

Cats don’t need wet food every day, just like we don’t eat the same thing for every single meal. It’s more about your cat’s individual needs and preferences than anything else. If your furry friend is very active and wants to help with their dental hygiene, you can feed them wet food daily. But if your cat is more of an indoors type and doesn’t need as much exercise, then give them dry food now and then!

The Last Word

 If you want to feed your cat wet food while away, they must have plenty of fresh water and a litter box with low dust content. You should also provide them with toys for playing with and their favorite treats or other special foods. To make sure everything goes smoothly, be sure to place the bowls in an area where your pet will feel safe from potential predators such as cats roaming outside or dogs who might visit during the day. 

You may also choose to feed your cat canned or moistened food with higher moisture content to keep their mouth healthy. But if the situation is dire, it’s best not to leave any other person in charge of feeding them at all!

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