What Does Wet Cat Food Taste Like? Best Information For You

What does wet cat food taste like? Wet cat food tastes like tuna. The Wet Cat Food Debate Wet cat food is generally thought to be better than dry. More moisture means cats drink more water, which in turn means they are less likely to become dehydrated. 

Not only that, but in the wild, cats eat a much higher proportion of their diet as meat than dry food. Dry kibble is mostly grain, which contributes to constipation and other gastrointestinal problems. 

An independent pet food testing laboratory conducts a wet cat food test. Before reaching conclusions, the cat food is tested for:

  • ash  
  • moisture  
  • protein 
  • fat  
  • fiber  
  • taurine  
  • thiamin  
  • cobalamin/ Vitamin B12  
  •  choline

What does wet cat food taste like?

Cats are carnivores and need a diet that is rich in protein. Wet cat food tastes like canned tuna, sardines, or other fish, or meat such as beef or turkey.

Cats prefer the taste of wet food because it has more flavor than dry kibble; they can also drink water from their bowl while eating, which helps them stay hydrated and maintain healthy digestion.

What does wet cat food taste like
What does wet cat food taste like

Cats need to get enough fluids not to develop kidney disease, diabetes mellitus (sugar diabetes), urinary tract infections, and high blood pressure.

It’s best if your cat eats two meals a day- one in the morning and one at night- but some cats eat three times per day. If you feed your cat more than one meal per day, make sure the meals are at least eight hours apart.

Wet cat food ingredients

Cats can’t synthesize Vitamin A as humans and dogs do, so they must get enough natural Vitamin A or beta-carotene in their diets. Cats also need taurine and arachidonic acid. These nutrients must come from an animal source, such as chicken or fish.

Cats can’t produce Taurine by themselves either, and it is vital for their heart, eyesight, and reproductive system. Cans of cat food contain enough Taurine to meet a cat’s daily requirement, according to the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).

Wet cat food benefits

There are some impressive wet cat food benefits in comparison to dry kibble. Wet food provides more moisture in a cat’s diet, helping to prevent urinary tract disease and bad breath. 

It also contains essential fatty acids that can help with a cat’s coat and immune system health. When cats eat wet food with some dry food, there is less chance of obesity because they get more water.

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Wet cat food manufacturers

There are many wet cat food brands available on the market today. If you have trouble finding one your cat likes, try another brand. Most of the popular brands of wet cat food are made by long-time trusted companies. Some reputable brands are Iams, Purina, 9 Lives, Friskies and Fancy Feast.

Wet cat food vs dry kibble

When it comes to wet cat food or dry kibble, there are benefits to both. A good quality dry kibble is hypoallergenic and often has higher protein than wet cat food. Some cats prefer the taste of dry over wet, but some only like the taste of wet. If your cat likes both, watch for sales on different cat food brands to get the best deal.

Wet cat food survey results

Out of 1,000 people who answered the survey:

71% feed their cats wet food (commercial, raw or home-made)

29% feed their cats dry kibble only

There is a trend toward feeding cats more wet food. In 2014, when we last surveyed cat parents about wet cat food and dry kibble, 65 percent of respondents said they feed their cats wet food, while 35 percent said they give their cats dry kibble.

Wet cat food vs dry kibble

So which is better- wet cat food or dry kibble? Both types of food have their pros and cons. If possible, it’s a good idea to feed your cat both, but use them as complements to each other- not as substitutes.

Wet cat food vs dry kibble
Wet cat food vs dry kibble

Dry kibble contains more protein and fat than wet cat food, but it can also cause your cat to gain weight if he eats too much of it or doesn’t get enough exercise. It’s important to find the right balance for his overall well-being, whether you feed your cat wet or dry food.

Cats who are fed wet or raw foods may have healthier coats and live longer lives. This is because they are getting more protein, fat, and moisture in their diets. They may be less likely to get feline lower urinary tract disease if they eat more wet food, as well.

Wet cat food reviews

There are many brands of wet cat food available today. Depending on your cat’s age, health, and diet, you can purchase a specific type of wet food to meet his needs.

For instance, if your cat has kidney disease or is on a diet, you can find a low-sodium wet food containing few carbohydrates.

Some foods are also easier for older cats to digest or help with tooth problems, such as tartar buildup.

Variety is important when feeding your cat wet food. If the foods are too similar in taste and smell, he may get bored of it quickly. Having a variety of flavors and textures will encourage your cat to stay interested in his food.


 I’ve given you some information about what wet cat food tastes like, but there are other things to consider as well, such as the nutritional value and how easy it is for your cats to digest. To find out more about these important factors and other interesting facts about this type of pet food, leave a comment below!


Do cats like wet food?

Yes, most cats like the taste of wet food. They enjoy having their taste buds stimulated with various flavors and textures.

Is it safe to eat wet cat food?

There are benefits to feeding your cat wet cat food instead of dry kibble on occasion. For cats with kidney disease or urinary tract problems, wet foods provide more protein, moisture, and lower urinary tract ash.

What kind of wet cat food is best?

Wet cat food with high-quality ingredients is best. Look for a low carbohydrate formula, and avoid by-products if possible.

Is canned wet cat food more nutritious than dry kibble?

Wet cat food has about 80 percent moisture, whereas dry kibble contains 10 to 12 percent water. The increased moisture of canned foods makes them more nutritious than dry kibble.

Does wet cat food taste like chicken soup?

Wet cat food can taste like chicken soup to an owner, but cats prefer a stronger flavor. They also want a mix of juices and meats, not just broth.

How long does wet cat food last?

If you leave wet cat food out all day, it will spoil. Cats should have access to fresh water at all times, and you should NEVER feed your cat raw food.

Why should you feed your cat wet food?

Feeding your wet cat food is a great way to provide him with more protein and moisture in his diet. It’s also helpful for preventing urinary tract disease in cats who are prone to it.


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