What Is the Best Cat Food at PetSmart: 5 Best Cat Foods at PetSmart

What Is the Best Cat Food at PetSmart? Cat Food at PetSmart is a possible trigger for allergy sufferers.

We all know someone who is allergic to cats, dogs, pollen, or some other substance. These are allergies that cause extreme discomfort to many of our friends and co-workers. Some people are so badly affected by allergies that they have an almost completely miserable life because of it.

PetSmart is a one-stop-shop for all your pet needs! Whether you’re looking for a new toy, a high-quality food dish, or even a stylish collar and leash set to take on walks with your dog, PetSmart has it all.

what is the best cat food at petsmart
what is the best cat food at PetSmart

Finding what you need has never been easier with their wide variety of products and knowledgeable associates to help guide you through the process. 

In this blog post, we will talk about some of the different cat foods available at PetSmart stores across the United States. From natural formulas that are perfect for those with allergies or sensitive stomachs to grain-free options that feature real meat as an ingredient, there’s something here for every cat owner out there!

What is PetSmart?

PetSmart is a nationwide pet supply and services company providing dog and cat food, treats, toys, grooming services, and boarding.

They also often have discounts or coupons for these products that can help you save some money!

Is PetSmart expensive?

While some pet food brands are more expensive than others at PetSmart, the prices are on par with other large pet supply stores.

Some of the most expensive options are from brands like Iams, but if you’re not willing to pay that much for your cat’s food, check out the Meow Mix brand at PetSmart. 

For wet food, try checking out the Friskies line of products, another leading brand offered by PetSmart.

What Is The Best Cat Food at PetSmart?

There are many great options available when you’re in the market for new cat food.

One of the best, however, is Tiki Cat’s Gourmet Carnivore Diet! This grain-free formula features real fish and seafood as its primary source of protein. And, with nothing artificial included in its ingredients, it’s the perfect choice for those with dietary requirements or sensitivities.

The only grain-based ingredient is rice flour – which is used as a binder. This allows you to feed your cat an entirely grain-free recipe that’s also gluten-free!

Additionally, the Tiki Cat formula contains no potatoes, tapioca starch, or anything else that might raise the blood sugar of your feline friend. It’s even great for cats with diarrhea or vomiting issues.

The Best Cat Food at PetSmart’s is Tiki Cat

Let’s say you have an allergy to gluten, seafood, or both. Pasta and bread are something you can’t eat without feeling sick afterward.

This would make Tiki Cat the best cat food for you. Even if you don’t have any allergies, this is one of the healthiest foods available at PetSmart or Petco! And, it’s even grain-free!

You’ll love the beautiful rendering of fish on every package (and yes – that IS salmon!)! Treat your kitty to some healthy meat today!

What food does Petsmart feed their cats?

The food Petsmart feeds their cats is high-quality since they’re the ones who are actually in charge of what goes into the food to make sure that it satisfies certain guidelines.

If you look at some of the different types of formulations available, you’ll see that many of them offer different things. For example, some of them offer a lean protein source of fish. In other cases, you may see that the food offers a carbohydrate-based protein source of vegetables and grains.

The important thing to remember is that all the foods are constantly being monitored and evaluated by PetSmart staff to ensure that they meet or exceed all guidelines.

The best cat food for you should be one that will offer a protein source that provides all of the amino acids and fats, and carbohydrates. In other words, take a look at what’s being offered and determine if it meets your requirements!

If you’re looking to feed your kitty something healthy or want to offer a portion of food with an ingredient list you can understand, you’ll love the Tiki Cat line of foods. That’s what Petsmart feeds their cats!

The 5 Best Cat Foods at PetSmart

It can be difficult to decide which type is best for your furry friend, but fear not! PetSmart has compiled this list of the top 5 best-selling brands, so you won’t have to spend hours researching!

1. Tiki Cat Gourmet Carnivore

This grain-free formula features real fish and seafood as its primary source of protein. And, with nothing artificial included in its ingredients, it’s the perfect choice for those with dietary requirements or sensitivities.

2. Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry

Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry is another best-selling cat food perfect for cats with allergies or sensitivities.

This formula features the protein-rich meat that your kitty loves, plus vitamins, minerals, and other important nutrients!

3. Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free

Blue Buffalo offers this best-selling formula in three different flavors, so you can try them all and find out which is your feline’s favorite!

This grain-free option contains real duck or chicken for high-quality protein, plus omega fatty acids to support healthy skin and coat.

4. Hill’s Science Diet Adult Advanced

Hill’s Science Diet Adult Advanced Fitness is ideal for adult cats of all lifestyles since it provides precisely balanced nutrition for optimal health.

With real chicken as the #1 ingredient, this option has everything your cat needs to stay happy and healthy!

5. Fussie Cat Gourmet Shrimp & Crab Dinner in Paté

Fussie Cat has been a favorite of cats for decades and is perfect if you want to spoil your fur baby! With no by-products or fillers, this paté is made with 100% natural meat.

All of these brands offer high-quality ingredients and a great source of protein for your furry friend!

Benefits of Cat Foods at PetSmart

There are many advantages to shopping at PetSmart or Petco, and one of those is that you can find a large selection of great foods for cats.

  • Other pet supply stores carry some cat supplies but not nearly as extensive a selection! A store like Petsmart will have the most popular brands in stock.
  • Another huge benefit of shopping for cat foods at these stores is finding many hard-to-find brands there. For example, Tiki Cat and Fussie Cat are normally not available in pet supply stores but are easy to find at Petsmart or Petco!
  • The last benefit to shop for your cat’s food here is the prices are usually very reasonable. PetSmart has many sales all the time, where you can find at least 10-20% discounts on cat foods.

So if your furry friend needs a special diet or just to try out some new food, head over to Petsmart or Petco today! You never know what you’ll find there that will make your kitty happy.

Does PetSmart Sell High-Quality Cat Food?

Some people believe that pet supply stores only offer low-quality food options, but this isn’t always the case! The truth is that the brands they carry range from extra-nutritious and excellent-quality foods to those with corn, soy or by-products listed as ingredients.

However, if you focus on high-quality cat food, then you’ll find several great options at PetSmart.

So, make sure to read the ingredient list and first three ingredients, and avoid foods with many fillers or by-products.

Also, PetSmart is a great place to shop for cat food if your kitty has dietary restrictions or food sensitivities! They have a large selection of brands that offer grain-free, hypoallergenic and other restricted diets.

What Cat Food Should I Avoid At PetSmart?

Like any other pet store, PetSmart offers a large selection of cat foods, but some options should be avoided.

The main thing to look out for is brands that contain fillers or corn gluten meal in their ingredients. These ingredients provide little nutritional value and are often cheap fillers in commercial cat food brands.  

Another ingredient to avoid is “by-products”. While this sounds disgusting, it’s an ingredient that you should search for. By-products are parts of the animal that aren’t as delicious as other areas, such as organs or intestines.

These parts can also include items like feet and feathers!

Cats love meat and fats, and they need these things in their diets to be healthy and happy.

So as long as you avoid by-products, corn gluten meal and foods with lots of filler, then the food you find at PetSmart should be high-quality!

Does PetSmart Sell Kitten Food?

Some stores only offer kitten food for sale, but this isn’t the case at most pet supply stores. 

Some stores don’t offer kitten food because they have very specific formulas that meet all of your kitten’s needs. 

However, cat food at PetSmart comes in a wide variety of flavors and brands that will make it easy to find something for every kitty. 

If you’re looking for kitten food specifically, then check out the brands that are more popular at PetSmart. The leading brand of kitten food is the Iams line of products. 

From this line, you can find canned and dry varieties in fish flavors like

  • Ocean fish, 
  • Tuna and chicken; 
  • Beef; turkey; 
  • Lamb; 
  • Or even chicken & liver. 

There are also wet food varieties with beef, cheese, or salmon. 

These brands are usually available at PetSmart, but if you can’t find what you need there, try checking out grocery stores for kitten food.

Should I Buy My Cat Food At PetSmart?

While most pet supply stores offer many high-quality cat food brands, PetSmart is one of the best options.

You can find a large variety of wet and dry foods in different flavors and types for your kitty.  

There are even special diet and kitten versions that you can find at Petsmart if your kitty needs a restricted diet or is still young.

If you want to explore more options for your cat’s next meal, then head on over to PetSmart today!

How much is a cat at PetSmart?

It depends on the cost of an adoption fee, as some cats can be more expensive than others.

Adopting a cat from Petsmart is typically around $120, but this also depends on if they have any specials or discounts at that time.

What cat food do vets recommend?

Veterinarians will often recommend specific cat food brands that you can get from veterinarian offices or pet supply stores. 

However, it’s important to know that they don’t usually recommend a specific brand of cat food but sometimes recommend avoiding certain ingredients or types of food. 

What cat food do vets recommend
What cat food do vets recommend

For example, vets might not always encourage you to feed your cat a wet food diet because it can pose certain health risks, but they will understand if you decide to follow through with this for your cat.

If you’re curious about what brand your vet recommends, then one of the most popular brands that they recommend is Hill’s Science Diet. 

This is a great option for cats that need a more sensible diet, but It’s also great for cats of all ages. 

Hill’s Science Diet is available at more pet supply stores, but you can find it on Amazon or your local grocery store as well.

So, if you’re looking for a food brand based on vets’ recommendations, then try out Hill’s Science Diet!

The Bottom Line

When it comes to the best cat food at PetSmart, there are so many options on the market. Weigh your options carefully before deciding for your feline friend. Which type of food do you feed them? Do they have any allergies or dietary restrictions? What’s their favorite flavor? Share with us in the comments below, and we can help determine what might be right for you!


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