7 Best Wet Cat Food for Indoor Cats

If you want to know about the best wet cat food for indoor cats on the market, this article is for you. Indoor cats might need a different type of wet food than outdoor cats, and most types of wet cat food are not all created equally. All in all, if you’re looking for the best wet cat food for indoor cats, look for one that is high in protein, low in additives, and grain free.

There are many wet cat foods on the market for indoor cats. Some are better than others, so it’s important to know what you’re looking for in good food.

If your indoor cat is picky about their food, they might not be able to get all of the nutrients they need from one type of food alone, so mixing up different types of wet food every couple of days can help keep them happy and healthy!

Best Wet Cat Food for Indoor Cats
Best Wet Cat Food for Indoor Cats

Many people like to keep their cats indoors because they are safer, but the problem is that it can be hard to find quality wet cat food.

Some foods contain more filler than meat, and others don’t have enough protein for your kitty’s needs. This blog post will help you pick out the perfect wet cat food that is just right for your indoor kitty!

What is the best wet cat food for indoor cats?

The best wet cat food for indoor cats is high in protein, grain-free, and contains no dyes. Other supplements are probably unnecessary if you have a healthy cat on a nutritious diet, but it’s always nice to have the extra help, so your kitty stays healthy!

Some things to look at when choosing an indoor wet cat food include:

  • High in protein (Look for at least 26 percent of the food’s total calories to come from protein)
  • Grain-free (Grains are less nutritious than meat and can contain more filler, which can cause stomach upset.)
  • No dyes (Food coloring is unnecessary and unhealthy.)

If your cat goes outdoors, it will need a different type of wet food. Indoor cats are usually pretty active but have a much shorter life expectancy because they are exposed to fewer hazards. Outdoor cats need wet food that is higher in fat and lowers protein since they burn more calories!

The 7 Best Wet Cat Food for Indoor Cats

Here are 7 wet cat food brands suitable for indoor cats, no matter if they have any special health issues.

(Keep in mind that most cats love eating both chicken and turkey.)

1.) Weruva

This wet cat food brand is low in additives and has grain-free recipes containing various meats. Adult Cats, Cats over 1 year of age, need protein in their diet which is why this brand offers both chicken and turkey flavors. However, it also has vegetarian options for cats on a special diet or who have health problems.

2.) Halo Spot’s Stews

This is another grain-free wet cat food brand that is suitable for adult indoor cats.

It has a few different recipes to choose from, all of which include either chicken or turkey. It also has low-fat options for cats who are obese, and the food includes glucosamine and chondroitin, which helps with joint pain and arthritis (if your cat is suffering from these issues). This brand of cat food is also free of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.

3.) Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Boost Grain Free Recipe

This is a raw cat food brand that you can buy in either cans or pouches. This brand offers different flavors, but it seems particularly popular among indoor cats because of its grain free recipe. It also has freeze-dried raw pieces and includes digestive enzymes for cats with health problems.

4.) Merrick Backcountry Grain Free Wild Salmon and Sweet Potato Recipe (wet cat food )

If your adult indoor cat is a fan of salmon, this might be the best-wet cat food brand. It is entirely grain-free, has high animal proteins, and includes pumpkin and cranberries for extra nutrients.

5.) Wellness Core Grain Free

This wet cat food is high in animal protein and has limited ingredients, which can help with allergies if your cat suffers from those. It also contains omega fatty acids, which help to maintain healthy skin and coat.

6.) Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets

This is a wet cat food brand that offers various recipes and flavors. However, all of its products are grain-free, and it contains chicken or turkey. It also has different varieties for cats who suffer from diabetes, obesity, heart issues, or kidney problems.

7.) Blue Wilderness Grain Free Wild Salmon Recipe (wet cat food)

This brand offers various flavors, but its wet cat food recipes are grain-free and contain high animal protein. It also contains whitefish, which provides additional nutrients.

However, remember that this type of wet food isn’t recommended if your adult indoor cat has any health conditions because it is very high in fats.

If you’re looking for wet cat food that is 100% grain-free, then check the list below:

  • Wellness Core Grain Free
  • Blue Wilderness Grain Free Wild Salmon Recipe
  • Nature’s Variety Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet Grain-Free Turkey Pate ( one of my cats’ favorites )
  • Merrick Backcountry Grain-Free Wild Salmon and Sweet Potato Recipe
  • Weruva Cats in the Kitchen Grain-Free Chicken with Cheddar Cheese Souffle in Sauce
  • Halo Spot’s Stews Grain-Free Chicken Recipe

I hope this list was helpful! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or message us. Thank you for reading and bye for now!

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Why should I feed my cat wet food instead of dry food?

There are many reasons why you should consider feeding your wet cat food instead of dry.

First of all, cats don’t have a strong sense of taste, so they need the extra flavor from meat and liver, which is inside commercial dry cat food. The issue with commercial dry food is that it can cause kidney problems over time because of the high amount of grains and by-products.

cat wet food instead of dry food
cat wet food instead of dry food

Another issue with dry cat food is that cats often overeat when eating it because they don’t feel satisfied after having a bowl of dry food. This can lead to obesity when feeding your indoor cat dry food alone, so I recommend adding some wet food in their diet once or twice a day (or even more).

One of the best reasons you should feed wet cat food instead is because it includes high amounts of water, which can hydrate your cat. When feeding your dry pet food, make sure to serve it with some freshwater because otherwise, they might get dehydrated (dry food contains very little moisture).

Another issue with dry food is that it can cause constipation and dry skin on your cat. Wet food also helps with hairballs because it’s more digestible than dry food (wet cat food needs to be chewed more, which stimulates saliva production).

Why should I feed my adult indoor cat wet food instead of dry one?

Cats, just like humans, need fresh water to stay hydrated throughout the day. You might think that feeding your dry cat food would be good because it contains high amounts of water, but the truth is that not all cats like drinking it (especially if they’re used to eating wet food their entire life).

Another issue with commercial dry cat food is that its raw ingredients are full of preservatives, so they must be baked before being made into kibble. This process can damage both some vitamins and certain enzymes, which your cat needs.

Different kinds of feline illnesses are caused by the lack of some nutrients that cats need daily, but most commercial dry food lacks taurine, which is needed for your cat’s heart, eyes, and brain.

What wet cat food do vets recommend?

Due to the fact that wet cat food is more digestible, it has a shorter processing time in your pet’s body. This makes it perfect for cats that suffer from some health conditions because most commercial dry foods are very processed and difficult to digest, which can cause even more problems.

What wet cat food do vets recommend
What wet cat food do vets recommend

Some vets recommend boiling chicken breast in water with fresh parsley, garlic, and tomato paste for your cat because it’s easy to digest. You can also serve some organic pasta with tomato sauce or brown rice with boiled boneless chicken breast.

Other vets recommend giving them a mixture of commercial wet food and finely cut raw meat (chicken breast is the most popular choice). If you want to ensure your cat is getting enough vitamins and minerals, you can mix the wet food with some boiled vegetables such as carrots or green beans.

What To Consider Before You Buy Food for Your Indoor Cat?

Before you purchase any wet cat food, make sure to consider how much your pet weighs. Even though many cats eat the same amount of food every day, they also lose some weight during the summer or winter season, which means that you need to feed them more during these times.

Cats are carnivores, so they need proteins only because it helps them build muscles, bones, and organs. Sometimes vets recommend your cats eat carbohydrates because it’s a source of energy for indoor pets, but they also need proteins to stay healthy.

Before buying it, you should pay attention to the ingredients list on the cat food package because certain cases require you to feed your cat with special diets. Some commercial wet food is not healthy, so you should be very careful about its ingredients list.

Where to buy indoor cat food?

There are many places where you can purchase cat food for your pet, but it’s best to buy it at a local vet office or online because it’s always fresh. Keep in mind that wet cat food has a short expiration date, so if you go on a trip, you should buy some extra packages of food just in case.

Some online stores offer free shipping and discounts on all their products, which means that you don’t have to visit any pet store to get food for your cat.

The Bottom Line

Indoor cats are an important part of many families, but they often have different dietary needs than their outdoor counterparts. For one thing, indoor cats can’t hunt for food, so it’s up to us to provide them with the nutrients they need.

The best wet cat food for this pet is a high-quality canned variety that contains plenty of protein and other essential vitamins found in animal meat like taurine. If you want more information on what makes the perfect wet cat food or how much your kitty should be eating daily, let me know below!


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