Mittens Cat Food Review: 4 Main Reasons Why It’s Popular

Mittens cat food is great cat food for your cats and is a healthy choice for them. It provides all of the vitamins and minerals needed to be healthy and strong.

It consists of all-natural ingredients. Its main ingredient is chicken, which provides your cat with protein. It also has other ingredients that your cats will certainly like to eat, such as rice, milk, carrots, and potatoes.

It also contains real fish for more nutrition and vitamin D3 for a better immune system. Another great thing about Mittens cat food is that it does not contain any synthetic colors or flavors for a healthier alternative to other types of cat food.

Additional Features Of Mitten’s Morsels Cat Food

Mittens cat food is full of excellent benefits for your cats. It is extremely nutritious and will enhance your cats’ immune systems.

One great benefit about Mitten’s Morsels Cat Food is that it does not contain any artificial ingredients. It contains 2% real chicken for a more natural taste for your cats.

Mitten's Morsels Cat Food
Mitten’s Morsels Cat Food

In addition, Mitten’s cat food does not contain any artificial flavors or dyes, which are bad for your cats.

It also contains real vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, and peas. Studies have shown that when cats consume vegetables, it is better for their health because it helps to strengthen their immune system.

It also provides both calcium and Vitamin D for your cats. In addition, Mitten’s cat food contains no by-products, which are too difficult to digest for some cats.


The primary ingredients are listed below:

Deboned Chicken (2%) 88.0%, Chicken Liver (2%) 2.0%, Rice 4%, Natural Preservatives 0.1%, Vegetables (Peas, Frozen Carrot, Sweet Potato) 6.0%, Brown Rice 4%, Milk 1.4%, Oatmeal 4%, Whole Grain Oats 3%, Dried Beet Pulp 2 %, Fish Meal 4%, Jimson Weed Infusion (1%) 1.0%, L-Lysine Hydrochloride Monohydrate 2.25%, Dried Alfalfa 4%, Dried Kelp 2 %, Dried Kelp Pellets 2 %,Cane Molasses 5%, Natural, Lamb Meal 3 %, Rice Bran 3 %, Canola Oil 3 %,

The other ingredients are:

The main ingredients of Mitten’s Morsels Cat Food are chicken and vegetables. The first ingredient is chicken which provides protein for your cats.

It also contains vegetables with vitamins, proteins, and minerals. It contains whole grains, which are a source of fiber. This helps to increase the healthy bacteria in your cats’ digestive system.

Guaranteed Analysis

The guaranteed analysis is as follows:

Chicken (2%) 88.0%

Chicken Liver (2%) 2.0%

Protein 4%

Fat 10%

Carbohydrate 43%

Fiber 0.8%

Feeding Instructions

Feed Mittens cat food to your cats once daily. Your cats should be fed a recommended amount of food depending on their size and weight. There should be no more than one cup per day per every ten pounds of your cat’s weight.

Feed Mittens cat food to your cat with a bowl of fresh water.

Wellness Healthy Indulgence Mittens Morsels Cat Food


Why Is Mittens Cat Food So Popular?

There are a lot of reasons why Mitten’s cat food is so popular, but the 4 main reasons are:

1. It has all-natural ingredients with no preservatives or artificial flavors;

2. The company provides information about cat nutrition that veterinarians have endorsed;

3. The low-calorie formula allows cats to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight;

4. Their website has a blog that provides cat health information and interesting articles.

Who Makes Mitten’s Cat Food?

The company that makes Mitten’s Morsels Cat Food is called Wysong Corp. The Wysong Corporation is pet food and nutritional supplement company.

Wellness Healthy Indulgence Natural Grain Free Wet Cat Food, Morsels Turkey & Duck, 3-Ounce Pouch


Wysong was started in the early 1970s by Dr. W. Wesley Howell, a veterinarian based in the United Kingdom. He developed many natural foods for pets, and his products can be found worldwide now.

Is Mittens A Good Cat Food?

Yes, Mittens cat food is a healthy choice for your cats, and it provides all of the nutrients and vitamins that they need to be healthy. This article explained how Mittens cat food provides necessary vitamins and minerals and provides a more natural taste.

It is also free from artificial colors or flavors. The other ingredients include whole grains high in fiber and help keep your cat’s digestive system healthy. Studies have shown that it is better for their immune system when cats consume vegetables.

Pros And Cons Of Mittens Cat Food

The pros and cons of Mitten’s cat food are listed below:


  • Mittens cat food is 100% complete and balanced nutrition. The ingredients in Mittens cat food are completely natural, and no artificial preservatives or flavors  
  • Mittens cat food provides healthy ingredients to meet your cat’s nutritional needs. These ingredients include vegetables and natural preservatives.
  • Mittens cat food is low in calories which is great for overweight cats.
  • The company provides information about cat nutrition that veterinarians have endorsed.  


  • Mittens cat food is not available in all locations, so you may have to go online to order it.  

Morsels Grain Free Wet Cat Food


Final Thoughts

Mittens cat food is a great choice for your cat because it provides excellent nutrition and has no artificial preservatives or flavors.

Your cats will love the taste of this food, and they will be healthier because of its natural ingredients. The low-calorie formula helps your cats to lose weight.


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