Natural Balance Venison Cat Food: Best 7 Key Benefits

Natural balance venison cat food is designed to maintain your pet’s hunger. It has a tempting aroma and is made with some of the best ingredients.

Vegetable protein is the first ingredient, containing all the amino acids necessary for balanced nutrition. Your cat will be satisfied while you’re happy, knowing they get a healthy snack!

What Is Natural Balance Food?

Natural BalanceĀ® Venison & Brown Rice Recipe Cat Food is made with high-quality ingredients for an irresistible taste your cat will love. The unique blend of top-quality, natural ingredients provides a healthy meal that your cat will love.


The Natural Balance Venison flavor is a feline favorite for a reason. It combines the vitamins, minerals, and protein you and your cat need in one delicious treat!

This tasty recipe will keep your cat’s tummy happy while adding nutrients that keep their coats shiny and healthy.

Natural Balance Venison Cat Food
Natural Balance Venison Cat Food

A serving of Natural Balance Venison boasts a nutritious 100% of the daily requirements for all the essential amino acids, which can help your cat’s coat look vibrant.

Plus, it gives them all the nutrients needed for strong muscles and strong bones so that they can stay active throughout their lives.

Best 7 Key Benefits

Natural balance venison cat food offers a variety of benefits! Your cat will be more satisfied with natural balance venison food because there is less air in it.

They will also enjoy the taste because it contains a unique blend of grains and proteins that your cat will love! Natural Balance Venison & Brown Rice Recipe Cat Food is made with high-quality ingredients that your cat needs to stay healthy.

Here are the best 7 key benefits of Natural balance venison cat food:

1. Protein

Protein is a major part of any diet. The first ingredient in Natural Balance food is meat. This meat can be a variety of meats, including beef and chicken.

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Cats need high protein levels to be successful hunters and maintain optimal health, so this is a great thing for your kitty! Protein content in Natural Balance is 30 percent, which is greater than most brands.

2. Healthy Ingredients

The ingredients are a major factor in determining whether or not your natural balance venison cat food is healthy. Cats are carnivores, meaning they need meat to survive!

Natural Balance Venison & Brown Rice Recipe Cat Food has meat as the first ingredient and uses fresh, real meat instead of by-products. It also contains organ meat, which is beneficial because it contains vitamins and minerals like vitamin A and copper.

3. Grain Free

Many pet owners prefer grain-free foods because of the high levels of carbohydrates. However, cats are strict carnivores. They need to eat a high protein, low carbohydrate diet with no grains!

Natural Balance Venison & Brown Rice Recipe Cat Food is grain-free, so your cat can live a healthy life without worrying about getting diabetes!

4. High Protein Content

The natural balance venison cat food contains an impressive protein content of 30 percent. Most brands only contain up to 20 percent protein. This further supports the benefits of natural balance venison food!

5. Moist Texture

Cats like moist foods because it’s closer to their natural prey in the wild. They can also detect the aroma of damp foods better than dry food, which is another reason why your cat will enjoy this flavor so much! The high moisture content makes natural balance venison cat food very satisfying.

6. Variety Of Grains

Natural balance venison cat food does not use just one type of grain. Instead, it uses several different kinds that are high in fiber. This not only helps your cat feel satisfied but is pleasantly surprised with the flavors!

7. Healthy Skin & Coat

Niacin and vitamins A and E are great for your pet’s skin and coat health. Niacin also increases the amount of cat hair. It is one of the most popular ingredients in natural balance venison cat food, meaning your cat will have shiny, beautiful fur!


The main ingredients in the natural balance venison cat food are meat and grains. It contains chicken, poultry, and salmon meals, which help your pet feel satisfied and healthy.

These main ingredients help give your cat essential amino acids needed to grow strong muscles and bones.

Caloric Content

The caloric content of natural balance venison cat food is 348 kcal/cup, which is a little high. If you are concerned about this, it is best to split the meal into two meals per day.

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Venison Cat Food


Guaranteed Analysis

Natural balance venison cat food contains various proteins, fat, and carbohydrates. It also has vitamins and minerals that your cat needs to be healthy.

Here is the guaranteed analysis of natural balance venison cat food:

Protein: 30 percent min, 39 percent max

Fat: 6 percent min, 10 percent max

Moisture: 8.5 % min, 8.5 % max

Omega Fatty Acids: 1.1 percent min, 1.5 percent max

Fiber: 4.5 percent min, 5.8 percent max

Crude fiber: 3 percent min, 3.95 percent max

Ash: 8.2 percent max

Calcium: 1.3 % min, 2 % max (0.6 %)

Phosphorus: 0.75 % min, 1.5 % max

Salt: 0.065 percent max

Carbohydrates: 26 percent min, 32.5 percent max

Feeding Instructions

Natural balance venison cat food can be fed as a complete and balanced diet. Feeding instructions recommend one cup per kitty per day, which means 2-3/4 – 8 cups of food. For this reason, it is best to split the serving in two to avoid feeding too much at once!

Is Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Good For Cats?

The natural balance food is suitable for all cats, but be mindful when feeding it. It is best to avoid feeding this food in between meals, resulting in overfeeding and weight gain.

The natural balance venison cat food is also good for kittens too! However, we recommend keeping the daily intake at 4 cups per cat per day.

Can Adults Eat Natural Balance Limited Ingredient?

It would help if you did not feed Natural Balance Limited Ingredient to adults. The formula is too low in protein content for the ideal adult diet.

Does Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Contain Corn?

Natural Balance Cat Food does not contain corn but several other grains. Corn is a huge allergen for cats, so if this is something you would like to avoid, we recommend going with another Natural Balance flavor!


Natural balance venison cat food is great for cats with a love for venison! It provides high protein and low carbohydrate levels that cats need to thrive. Feed this Natural Balance flavor to your cat and see the benefits!

I hope this article helped you understand more about the natural balance limited ingredient. For more information, please comment below!!


Is natural balance venison food a good brand?

This brand of cat food is good because it contains real ingredients that your cat needs to stay healthy. It is also grain-free, which helps keep your cat’s glucose levels stable.
This pet food does not contain many calories, so it is best to feed a little every day to keep your cat satisfied.

Is natural balance limited ingredient good for cats with urinary issues?

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient is made specifically for cats with urinary issues. It contains the right balance of protein and moisture to help keep your cat feeling full and satisfied. This way, they are less likely to develop a UTI!

Is natural balance limited ingredient safe for diabetic cats?

Yes, this brand is safe since it is grain-free! It contains no high carbohydrate levels that can lead to diabetes. This is why we recommend natural balance limited ingredients for cats with diabetes. It also does not have any fillers or artificial flavors, so that it can be a great alternative to regular cat food.

Does natural balance limited ingredient contain artificial flavors?

Yes, this brand contains artificial flavors. However, these are made from real meat and not just chemicals. They are also used in small amounts to make the natural balance venison cat food more appealing to cats.

Does natural balance limited ingredient have corn?

Yes, this brand contains corn in the ingredients. However, this is the first ingredient on the list, so it is not a lot! It is also in a very small quantity.

Does natural balance venison cat food have yeast?

Yes, this brand has yeast in it. However, it contains less than one percent of yeast. Therefore, it does not affect your cat adversely.

Is natural balance limited ingredient good for kittens?

Yes, because this brand comprises real ingredients without corn and other unnecessary substances. It is also grain-free, which is perfect for kittens.

Can natural balance limited ingredients be frozen?

This type of pet food can be frozen, but we recommend freezing it only in small portions. You should not freeze the full bag since it will become hard to scoop and harder to feed your cat!


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