How to Stop Mice Eating Cat Food: Top 10 Great Tips

How to stop mice eating cat food? One very common problem that cat owners face is how to keep mice away from their cat’s food.

If you leave your cat’s food out all the time, this could very easily attract mice down to your home. This not only can be disgusting but also dangerous for your pet if they come into contact with them.

How To Stop Mice Eating Cat Food
How To Stop Mice Eating Cat Food

There is a very simple solution to this problem which does not involve spending money on any special chemicals or anything like that.

You can make your own mice repellent and place it around the area where you usually leave the cat food for them. Mice will pick up the smell of whatever you mix and avoid it. It’s as simple as that.

How to stop mice eating cat food?

Here are 10 great tips on how to stop mice from eating cat food.

1. If you feed your cat wet cat food, then try switching to dry as this will be less appetizing to rodents as they cannot smell the meat through the hard biscuit once it is in their mouth. This is a good way of keeping mice away from your cat’s food bowl.

2. You can use a few herbs and spices around the area where you keep your cat’s food, such as onion powder or garlic. This is a very good way of keeping mice at bay as they hate these spices. You don’t have to worry about your cat coming into contact with them either, as they will not affect your cat in any way.

3. You can also use Tabasco sauce or hot chili powder to keep mice away from where your cat eats their food. Just sprinkle a few drops of this around the area, and it should do the trick. This is better than using garlic or spices as it will taste awful to them, and they will not want to go anywhere near it.

4. Make sure that your cat’s bowl is not close to your home’s wall as mice can easily chew through the wall and so be able to get inside. Mice are very small creatures so that they can fit through extremely small spaces, so ensure that you put any bowls or plates that your cat eats from at least 10 inches away from the wall of any walls.

5. It is also very important to clean up all of the food you have left out for them after they have eaten, as this will attract rodents down to your home, which can be a danger to your cat’s health and wellbeing. Ensure that you clean out the bowl after they have eaten, or ensure that your cat eats all of their food before letting them outside, as this will take away any risk of attracting another mouse.

6. Feed your cat indoors if possible as mice are much more likely to go inside for food if they can smell it from outside, so by feeding them indoors, you are cutting off this route for them. Feeding your cat outside can also lead to many other problems, such as the mice coming into direct contact with your cat, which is not safe for either of them.

7. If you have a garden, try filling it with natural predators that eat rodents, such as birds and hedgehogs. This will go a long way to helping with the problem, as it is not good for either you or these creatures if they come into direct contact.

8. Some plants can be used, which mice tend to hate, so try planting these around the areas where you feed your cats, such as tansy and tarragon.

9. If you have a shed or garage, try leaving some cat food in there, as mice tend to avoid this area and will not go near it. Try leaving them something that is very strong smelling such as fish, and this should keep them away from your home and help stop them trying to come into contact with your cat.

10. Last but not least, try putting some chewing gum down around the area where you feed your cat as this is very strong and will make them think twice about coming anywhere near it! It takes a few days for cats to get used to a smell, so it might take a while before they completely go away from that spot.

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Does cat food attract mice?

The simple answer to this would be yes, but only if the food is in an area they can easily get to and is also in a place they can easily break into.

Do mice go after cat food?

Mice will go after anything that they can smell or find, but if the food is in a place that is too difficult for them to get into, then they will most likely look elsewhere.

What attracts mice?

A lot of rodents will be attracted to anything sweet, salty, and also oily. So these foods should definitely be kept away from them if you are trying to keep them away from your cat.

How do I keep mice from eating my cat food?

If you want to know how to keep mice from eating your cat food, then the best advice that we can give is to ensure that you do not leave it lying around after they have finished. Try putting your cat’s bowl away once they have finished and clean up any leftovers if possible, as this will help to stop them from coming near your home.

How do you keep mice away from cats?

There are many ways of keeping rodents, such as mice, at bay when having a pet cat. One of the best ways would be to use black pepper and garlic powder in their food because these spices will be distasteful and unpleasant.

If you would like any more information about keeping mice away from your cat, please leave a comment below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

NOTE: If your cat has claws, then using an anti-scratch spray can help keep mice away from areas they are scratching at. It is also possible to get repellent for cats that you can spray if they tend to go into certain areas, which helps keep mice away from your home.

The Bottom Line

The best way to keep your cat food safe from mice is by using a mouse-proof container. But if you don’t want to go through the trouble of finding and purchasing one, there are other solutions such as placing the cat food in airtight containers or storing it away from areas where rodents like to be.

Whether you use an old canning jar or purchase a new specially designed rodent-resistant container, ensure that your pet gets enough sustenance for their health and wellbeing!

We all know the struggle of having to feed our cats when we can’t get home. But there is a way to stop mice from eating cat food! If you want to know more information, Let me know in the comment below.


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