How To Keep Ants Out Of Cat Food? (Top 10 Easy Prevent Methods)

How to keep ants out of cat food? Ants can be a real problem in any household. They eat or carry away easily perishable things. They contaminate food and leave around an unpleasant smell.

If ants come in, they can make it quite difficult to enjoy your meal on the table outside or even in your home.

It is important not to underestimate the presence of ants in any foods; even if you don’t see them, they may already have been into some of your favorite treats.

You can easily discover that ants are eating or carrying away some of your cat food by the tracks they leave on the floor near a package of cat food.

How to keep ants out of cat food? Top 10 Methods

Are you frustrated by ants getting into your cat’s food bowl? This simple 10 easy prevent methods DIY will show you how to keep ants out of cat food bowls quickly and easily.

How To Keep Ants Out Of Cat Food
How To Keep Ants Out Of Cat Food

1. Clean the table

First of all, you must clean the surface where your cat food is placed.

If some foods are left in the corners or stains on the table, it will invite ants to come and eat at your place again.

2. Ants love sweet things, so you have to choose what to offer them.

It would be best if you never left crumbs in the cat food bowls.

If you offer ants in your house something sweet, they will be tempted to come in and eat or even carry away what they like.

3. Use cotton balls soaked in boric acid solution

Boric acid is very effective at killing small insects such as ants.

You should dip a cotton ball in boric acid solution and place it close to the food bowl.

The insects will be attracted to the sweet smell of the cotton ball and ingest it that way.

4. Use peppermint essential oil or soap water solution for ants control

Ants do not like strong scents such as mints, for example.

You can use peppermint essential oil or soap water solution to disinfect your table. You should also wash down the walls around the bowl and close any possible access points ants could come in by.

5. Using cayenne pepper for ant control

Ants do not like hot peppers so that you can place some ground cayenne pepper around your cat food.

The ants will not like the smell and will avoid coming in to eat or carry away your cat food.

6. Coffee powder for ant control

Ants do not like coffee, so you can use any ground coffee powder to put it around the cat food bowl.

It is one of the best methods to keep ants away from your cat’s food.

7. Baking powder for ant control

Baking soda is very good at getting rid of bad smells or repelling insects, including ants. It would help to sprinkle some baking powder around the bowl and spread it over the surface where you place your cat’s food.

8. Use cedar chips for cat food ant control

Cedarwood has a specific smell that ants hate, so you can place some cedar chips around the bowl or even inside of it.

They will repel insects and leave your cat free to enjoy its meal in peace.

9. Using toothpaste for cat food ant control

Ants can be very persistent when it comes to eating or carrying away your cat’s food.

It would be best to wash the bowl with soap water and then wipe it down thoroughly with some toothpaste. Ants hate the strong smell of minty toothpaste, so they will not return to eat at your place again.

10. Use diatomaceous earth for ant control

Diatomaceous earth is made of the skeletons of tiny sea creatures, and it is very sharp and breaks easily.

Ants that come into contact with this powder will be injured and die after a few hours.

You should apply diatomaceous earth around the bowl of cat food or inside it so it will kill the ants and keep them from coming back.

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How to prevent your pet’s food from attracting ants?

If you have not been able to prevent the ants from invading your house, you should keep their food away from them.

You can protect a bag of dog or cat food by covering it with a plastic container and putting some diatomaceous earth around it.

How to prevent your pet's food from attracting ants
How to prevent your pet’s food from attracting ants

Do not forget to replace the powder every few days not to have to deal with ants again.

If you are worried about storing your pet’s food in this way, you should know that diatomaceous earth is completely harmless for animals or humans.

The best thing is that it does not leave any residue, nor will it alter the taste or smell of your pet’s food.

You can also keep the food in another room or garage.

If you do not want to deal with ants, consider asking your vet about some commercial products that repel insects.

Your cat deserves to eat its meal without any disturbances. You should know how to protect it from these intruders and try out all of the above ideas for ant control around cat food.

Why is my cat food attracting ants?

Cats and ants do not usually get along very well. Ants like to eat sweet things, just like your cat does. They are attracted to the smell of cat food that often contains high sugar content.

Since they are so persistent, it can be hard for you to prevent them from taking over your home. You should know that ants are particularly attracted to wet cat food.

You should always check for moisture in your pet’s bowl and be sure it is completely dry before placing any food inside.

If the problem persists, then there might be other problems with your cat’s diet or hygiene that can be causing these insects to appear.

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