How To Mix Dry And Wet Cat Food: Important Tips

How To Mix Dry And Wet Cat Food? You can mix wet cat food with dry cat food.

First, open up the dry cat food bag and scoop some onto a dish.

Next, open up the wet cat food bag and do the same. Now, mix it all!

How To Mix Dry And Wet Cat Food
How To Mix Dry And Wet Cat Food

You have to be careful, though. If you mix it all up at once, the dry cat food will become soggy. It is best to wait a few hours and then mix it with some more dry cat food so that the wet cat food doesn’t ruin the rest of the dry stuff.

There are plenty of advantages to learning how to mix dry and wet cat food. The biggest one is that it makes the wet cat food go a little bit farther, saving you money.

Why choose wet food?

Choosing wet cat food is a great decision. Wet food has more protein which cats need, and it is the better choice for the environment since there are no trees destroyed in its production. The best wet cat food also includes vegetables, making it healthier.

Why choose wet food
Why choose wet food

Wet cat food does have disadvantages, though. For one thing, it costs more than dry food. Not only is dry cat food usually on sale, but your wet cat food will spoil before you can use it all.

Wet cat food also has one more disadvantage: it can’t be left out for too long, or it’ll dry up and get stale. If you eat some of the wet food while your kitty isn’t looking, you’ll be fine.

But, if the whole bag of wet food is opened and you leave it out for too long, then your cat will hate it.

Why choose dry food?

Choosing dry cat food is a great decision. It’s cheaper than wet, and it doesn’t expire as fast. You can also leave it out for your cat without worrying that she’ll go hungry.

Dry cat food does have disadvantages, though. Firstly, you have to feed twice as much dry food as wet to get the same amount of protein. This is because the water in wet food makes it heavier.

The other big disadvantage to dry cat food is that it can’t be refrigerated, so you have to store a huge bag somewhere and hope your kitty doesn’t mess with it.

How To Mix Dry And Wet Cat Food?

Learn how to mix dry and wet cat food so that you can have all of these significant advantages without having to worry about any of the disadvantages!

Many cats are picky eaters and won’t eat wet food if it’s near dry food. If you’re worried about your cat not eating her food because you don’t want to waste the wet stuff, then read on!

To mix dry and wet cat food, you have to do a couple of things. First, feed your cat her regular dry food for a couple of days, so she doesn’t get hungry and eat the wet stuff by itself.

Then, place the wet cat food on the dry food in an open bag or container. This way, you can still feed your cat the dry food she’s used to, but you can also give her wet food each day.

Once you’ve done this for a couple of days, your cat will probably begin eating the wet stuff with the dry! You may have one or two pieces at first, but soon they’ll be gone in no time.

If you’ve already fed your cat dry food for a few days, but she won’t touch the wet stuff, you can try warming it up. Please put it in the microwave on defrost for about 20 seconds or heat it with hot water. This should help entice your cat to eat.

If that doesn’t work, then stop feeding your cat dry food. Some cats are happier eating wet cat food, so feeding her exclusively wet should solve this problem.

Dry cat food can be not only dull but bad for your pet’s teeth too. The low moisture content in dry food means that it doesn’t clean your cat’s teeth as well as high quality wet cat foods do.

If you’re feeding your cat dry food and it seems like she’s getting cavities or deteriorating her oral health in any way, then try transitioning to wet.

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How much wet food should I mix with dry?

You can feed your cat as much wet food as you like. There’s no need to stick to a certain percentage of wet and dry because there isn’t such a thing.

Some cats don’t like eating too much-wet food, though, and will leave it behind if they do. If this happens with your kitty, then cut back on the wet food and feed her as much as she likes.

If your cat needs to gain weight, you can mix in more wet food with dry food. Not only does this help your cat put on weight, but it also helps clean teeth too!

The best way to find out what works for you and your kitty is to experiment a little bit. Try feeding her exclusively dry for a while, then try feeding her wet food only, and finally discover what percentage of wet and dry your cat likes the best.

Benefits of Mixing Wet and Dry Pet Food

You can tell your pet, especially those dogs and cats, to only eat the wet food without the dry part. This is good for both of you as it can avoid some problems that might happen.

First of all, if you want to prepare one type of food for your pets, then this method is a wise one. If you buy two different types of pet food, one is dry and the other being wet. It will be hard for you to prepare the food as well as keep it fresh.

It can also help your pets so they won’t have problems with their teeth like those feeding them exclusively dry foods. Veterinarians do not recommend dry foods since it is bad for your pet’s health.

Benefits of Mixing Wet and Dry Food
Benefits of Mixing Wet and Dry Food

Another benefit of mixing wet and dry food is that it can help the activity of your pet’s digestive system. Since dogs eat both types of foods, they will not have bloating problems easily.

The same thing goes for cats, so you do not need to worry about anything at all.

Here are a few benefits below

Pet health:

Most vets recommend a combination of dry and wet pet food to avoid dental problems.

Dental hygiene:

Animal dentist says that dogs with a healthy mix of wet and dry food have fewer cavities than those fed exclusively on dried pet food. As for cats, canned cat food helps clean teeth and prevent plaque and tartar buildup.


Wet food helps keep teeth clean, too. Since most wet pet foods are easy to digest, there’s less mess in the litter box.


Both types of pet food come in a wide range of flavours and formulas that keep your pet from getting bored with her diet.

How much wet and dry food should I feed my cat?

Cats are generally more flexible in terms of feeding schedules, unlike dogs. They’re not as dependent on the owner to feed them at regularly scheduled meals because they have their built-in survival instincts that tell them when it’s time to eat.

However, some prefer to stick with a schedule for their pets. This is where you can use wet and dry cat food to your advantage. Why choose one when you can have both?

Here are some feeding options:

One type of food

Wet or dry (or canned) is ideal if your pet doesn’t like the idea of “mixed” foods. Some cats will get extremely fussy over this, leaving food in their bowls to the point where they have to be cleaned out.

How much wet and dry food should I feed my cat
How much wet and dry food should I feed my cat

Mix it up – The average cat needs about 1/4 cup of dry food a day, while a small-sized adult cat should receive closer to 3/4 cup. A large-sized breed can eat upwards of 2 cups per day.

This means that you’ll need to mix in some wet food with the dry. This way, you can keep your cat from getting bored and leaving her bowls half-empty.

You’ll need to experiment a bit when it comes to how much wet and dry cat food you should give your feline friend. Every cat is different, and every cat has different nutritional needs, depending on age, size, and lifestyle.

Cats should be fed twice a day

At least. Some cats like to eat more, while others will leave their food as is (not to encourage begging). The best thing you can do is determine the amounts that work for you and your pet, then stick with it.

The Last Word

When mixing dry and wet cat food, the goal is to create a balance between the two types of food. It’s important not to overfeed your pet, so monitor how much you give them each day. To be able to mix dry and wet cat food, you should do so in a bowl.

You can start by adding the wet cat food first then topping it with the dry kibble. Once this is done, take your hand and gently stir everything together until they are evenly mixed. If you want more information on mixing these two types of pet food, contact us below for advice.

If you want to know more information, please leave your comment below. Thank you for reading this article and I hope it was helpful!


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