Why Do Cats Like Stinky Food? Best 10 Smells That Attract Cats

Why Do Cats Like Stinky Food? If you’ve ever been curious about why your cat likes eating stinky food, we’re here to help.

Cats have more than 200 million scent glands, unlike humans, who have only 5 million. Cats use their sense of smell for hunting and surviving. And since they can’t sweat, they also rely on their sense of smell to cool themselves off.

Stinky foods are appealing because the smells stimulate their sensitive noses and activate their sweat glands, allowing cats to cool themselves off without having to leave the house. So when you wonder why your cat loves stinky food, remember that they love life!

Why Do Cats Like Stinky Food?

It’s not a mystery that cats like stinky food. After all, they are mammals with a keen sense of smell, so it makes sense that they would enjoy eating their special treats. The olfactory senses in cats are much more sensitive than those of humans, and many pets appreciate the smelly foods that help them use their noses in ways they otherwise couldn’t.

why do cats like stinky food
why do cats like stinky food

Usually, we find that sometimes our cats prefer the kind of food that is very smelly to us. On the other hand, our cats sometimes have a very poor sense of smell and find stinky foods distasteful. It’s not too hard to figure out why your pet likes stinky food. Cats are very different from us in their need for smells that stimulate their sense of smell as they can’t sweat.

A cat’s fur has no glands and must rely on the water running across its skin to cool it off when needed. This is why most cats like eating wet food, which helps them keep cool.

Are Cats Attracted To Bad Smells?

Yes, sometimes, cats may prefer eating smelly foods. For example, a sick cat may not feel like eating but sometimes comes out of nowhere to want some tuna fish. This is because the tuna has a distinct smell and is eaten with other ingredients that make it stinky.

Another reason why cats may eat stinky food is that they aren’t feeling well. Sick cats are attracted to smells often associated with illness, like tuna or fishy smells, or the smell of medications. Just as sick humans tend to crave sugar and salt, sick cats will crave the smells they are used to and associate with good health.

So what is it that makes cat food smell so disgusting to us? There are certain juices cats can smell that we can’t. These juices come from glands in the skin of the animal being eaten. We don’t usually eat meat without some preparation first, so our food doesn’t smell like this.

Why Do Cats Like Smelly Stuff?

Besides the obvious reason for good nutrition and some bacteria-killing action that eating stinky foods has to offer, cats seem drawn to stinky meals because of their effect on their immune systems. Stinky foods are rich in B vitamins and enzymes that boost the animal’s immune system. This can help make cats more resistant to getting sick when they eat.

Best 10 Smells That Attract Cats

Some smelly, stinky foods that your cat will appreciate. Here are the best 10 Smells That Attract Cats:

1. Dry fish

2. Dry cheese

3. Raw fish

4. Canned tuna with the skin and bones in it (“gravy” variety)

5. Canned fish broth (water-packed)

6. Cockroach (roaches are a natural part of the cat’s diet)

7. Raw chicken carcasses, including heads and bones

8. Raw chicken bones (shin bones, necks, and backs)

9. Cornish Game Hen (look for grain-free brands)

10. Lamb

Why Does My Cat SMELL Bad

Why Does Your Cat Like Stinky Shoes?

While we can’t know exactly why they do it, we can tell you that there are plenty of reasons why your cat likes sitting on the shoes. Here are a few facts about why cats like stinky stuff:

Cats respond to scents rather than looks like humans do. Cats often roll in smelly things like feces, rotting meat, and even stinky feet. It helps them identify friends from foes because their sense of smell is important.

Cats like to lick and scratch different types of surfaces. You can teach them to do this in the early stages of cat ownership and keep them from scratching the furniture or anything you want to be protected.

How Far Can A Cat Smell Its Owner?

The answer to this question depends on the cat. Different cats have different abilities to smell over a distance. It can also depend on the type of smell that you are discussing. Scientists agree that a free-roaming cat can smell food from as far away as two miles.

Final Note

So, why your cat chooses to eat stinky food is not a mystery. They love life, and stinky food helps them enjoy it. Stinky food is also a great source of bacteria and dangerous microorganisms, which helps cats strengthen their immune systems.

When it comes to stinky food, remember that you should let your cat be a cat. Cats can’t sweat, so they need to cool themselves with the smells they get from eating smelly foods. When you’re wondering why your cat likes eating stinky food, remember that what smells bad to us may smell good to them.

I hope this article gives insights into why your cat likes stinky food. If you want to know more, please comment below!


Why do cats like to smell stinky things?

Cats like the smell of some foods because they associate it with good health and sustenance and have a very keen sense of smell.
Give your cat a food-based treat that they will love. Some cats might enjoy smelling stinky feet, but most will prefer the smell of fish. This can be a good way to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Why do cats like to smell food?

Most house cats enjoy eating food that smells to them like good health. Some cats might like fish as a rich source of protein and B vitamins, but most will prefer the smell of other foods. If you are lucky enough to have a cat that loves fish, consider treating them with fish once or twice a week.

What food smells do cats like?

Cats crave the smell of raw meat, fish, and chicken. They enjoy smelling their food to ensure that it is fresh and good for their health. Other smells that your cat might like include soil, old food, and poop.

What are some stinky foods that cats will eat?

If you want to know what foods cats will eat, consider trying out some fish or chicken bones in your cat’s food. You can also try other meats depending on your cat’s taste buds.

Why do cats lick after smelling?

When a cat licks their nose, they try to remove stinky food particles that make its tongue dirty. Most cats do this.

Why do cats like to lick things?

Like other pets and people, cats enjoy licking different types of surfaces. A cat that licks everything will be less likely to get bored and thus get more out of life.

Why do cats like stinky feet?

Some cats might like the smell of their pet’s feet or the smell of stinky socks. Many cats enjoy licking these things and playing with their favorite toys or their owner’s feet.


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