Can Dry Cat Food Go Stale: Best 5 Ways to Safely Store Dry Cat Food

Can dry cat food go stale? The short answer is yes. It’s natural for dry cat food to go stale. Due to how food works, sometimes pet owners will find that their dry cat food is hard and crumbly.

This happens mainly when the food is over 2 years old and stored in a cool, dark environment away from sunlight.

If your cat hasn’t eaten it within the first year of its release date, you might consider replacing it with a new bag of whatever brand you feed your cat.

Dry cat food is commonly stored in their own dry cat food storage cabinet – but are you aware of the potential for dry cat food to go stale? It’s a common misconception that since dry cat food is “natural” and “organic,” they possess certain special properties that a can of kibble can not match.

This is sadly not the case. Dry cat food can and should be stored with the same care as canned cat food, especially moisture.

Can Dry Cat Food Go Stale?

If you’re not going to eat your dry cat food in one or two days, you will want to store your dry cat food properly. The number one enemy of this is moisture. Dry cat food stored in contact with moisture can swell and go stale.

Can Dry Cat Food Go Stale
Can Dry Cat Food Go Stale

Dry cat foods are not more prone to going bad than their canned counterparts – though there are certain things you can do to prevent your dry cat food from turning rancid, as well as ways to check if dry cat food has gone bad in transit.

How Do You Know If Dry Cat Food Go Stale?

If the dry cat food is dry, then it’s not going to go bad. If it’s not dried enough, then it will go rancid.

Here are some tips on how to tell if your cat’s dry cat food is properly dried:

1. Cat food should be fairly free of moisture. If not, it is possible to grow bacteria or mold.

2. The right heat and light levels can perfectly preserve dry cat food.

Does Dry Cat Food Go Bad Sitting Out?

Dry cat foods generally do not enjoy being left out for long periods. However, if your “sitting out” area is above room temperature and has good ventilation, then your dry cat food may still be useable.

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Keep in mind that the dry cat food will dry out further with time – and if your area drops below room temperature, then it’s probably best to throw the kibble away.

Is Stale Food Bad For Cats?

It depends on the age of the food and how long it’s been sitting out. Stale food is often a breeding ground for bacteria, which can make your pet ill. If your cat is eating stale food, you should try to figure out why.

Can Dry Cat Food Go Stale In The Heat?

Yes, this is possible – if you live in a tropical climate, or one which gets very hot for long periods, then it’s possible for your dry cat food to go stale on you.

If your area stays above room temperature and has good ventilation, though, then your cat may be able to enjoy his kibble until it’s gone!

Can You Freeze Dry Cat Food?

Yes, you can freeze dry cat food. The advantage of freezing dry cat food is that it stops the drying process; however, freezing will eventually make the kibble bad.

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Most cat owners are just going to chuck the frozen kibble away and go with fresh – which is why it’s not recommended for long-term storage.

How Can You Tell If Cat Food Is Bad?

If the dry cat food has been sitting out for too long, it will start to go bad. However, there are more immediate signs that your cat’s food is gone bad – the first of which may be sickness.

If you notice any changes in your cat’s health or behavior, then there’s a good chance he may be getting sick from eating something that isn’t good for him.

Does Dry Cat Food Go Bad?

If your dry cat food is damaged or tasted (especially if the kibble is now going brown), then it hasn’t gone well. It is not recommended for long term storage, but if you don’t want to throw it away, then there are a few things you can do:

1. Store your dry cat food in an airtight container (preferably one that also has good ventilation).

2. Store it in a cooler with no moisture collecting in it.

3. Consider freezing your dry cat food if you do not intend to use it within a few days.

What Do You Need To Know About Dry Cat Food?

Dry cat food is no more prone to stale than canned cat foods – but it can still happen. How you store your dry cat food is also just as important as the dry cat food itself. Storing it properly will ensure that your cat can enjoy his kibble for a long time.

How To Safely Store Dry Cat Food?

If you want to store dry cat food safely, then you should consider the following:

1. Air circulation is the key to safe storage.

2. Keep your dry cat food in a place where it’s not going to be wet, hot, or cold for long periods.

3. Store your dry cat food in an airtight container.

4. Keep the temperature and humidity of your dry food storage area to the bare minimum – and make sure there is good air circulation around it.

Benefits Of Dry Cat Food

1. You can keep your dry cat food for longer without worrying about freshness – so if you go on holiday or have guests coming over, then you don’t have to worry about how much time has passed since you last bought a bag of kibble!

2. Dry cat food is much more economical than canned cat food – especially if you have a large cat, as it’s cheaper to buy the bags than the cans of food.

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3. Dry cat food is also better for your cat. As it is not as processed as canned foods, then cats can digest it easier and get the nutrients they need

4. The best thing of all is that if you run out of dry cat food, you can always buy more in the future.

5. When you have a very large cat, then dry food may be sufficient – but it’s always best to try and find the right balance between wet and dry food for your own pet!

Dry Cat Food Recommendations For Your Pet

Here are some suggestions for dry cat food:

1. Look at the best dry cat food list – there are lots of different brands available, and you may be able to find something suitable!

2. Make sure that your cat takes wet cat food in addition to his dry cat food. He will get all the nutrients he needs, and you won’t have to worry about your pet going stale before he is finished with his kibble.

3. If you have a very large cat, then dry food may be the way to go – but when in doubt, get wet cat food as well.

4. Don’t forget about the treats! As long as you’re not going to use your treats for training, then you can always consider getting your pet some treats from time to time.

5. If you have a very large cat, then be sure to give him lots of wet cat food. If he can eat twice as much at each mealtime, then there is less risk of your pet going stale.


Dry cat food is not more prone to stale than wet food – however, it can still happen. It’s also not as healthy for your cat – so, if possible, try to get wet food as well.

If you have a very large cat and are having problems finding a good balance between wet and dry foods, it may be best to opt for dry food on its own – however, always remember to give him wet food too!


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