Heartland Cat Food Review: Best 3 Heartland Cat Food

Heartland cat food is a company that makes canned and frozen cat food sold in the United States and Canada. It was founded by Dottie McCallister-Lokken and her husband, Roger.

The product was originally made from recipes from their family farm, which they had begun selling in the 1960s. It is considered one of the first premium brands for cats in America.

Heartland’s slogan has been “Tastes like a meal!” since 1968. The company offers 10 flavors of canned cat food, including chicken with salmon and seafood varieties such as crabmeat shrimp chowder flavor, tuna hotdish flavor, and chicken tamale flavor.

Heartland also offers five kinds of dry kibble: chicken and turkey, beef, lamb, and fish. Heartland cat food is made of 100% recycled plastic pails with recyclable lids.

Heartland Cat Food
Heartland Cat Food

The pails are made from a combination of highly linear, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and virgin HDPE, along with recycled HDPE content made of post-consumer fiber packaging material. A 68 ounce can have over 90% calories from fat.

Who Makes Heartland Cat Food?

Heartland cat food is manufactured by Heartland Pet Food Company, a subsidiary of Cargill, a leading global provider of food and agriculture products.

The company is based in Ankeny, Iowa, founded in 1968 by Dottie McCallister-Lokken and Roger.

Where Is Heartland Farms Cat Food Made?

Heartland Farms cat food is made at the Martensdale, Iowa, manufacturing facility by Cargill. This is Heartland’s only facility.

Who Are The Competitors Of Heartland Cat Food?

Several competitors make premium cat food brands in America, including Purina and Iams. Heartland is also sold in pet supply and grocery stores, including Target, Walmart, and Whole Foods.

What Are The Ingredients Of Heartland Farms Naturals Cat Food?

Each serving of Heartland cat food contains a minimum of 10% animal fat, 10% simple carbohydrates, and a maximum of 1.5% crude protein. Ingredients that are present in the canned versions are:

Chicken and turkey – chicken, turkey, dried egg product, parsley flakes, and potato flour. 

Ingredients in the dry versions are:

Chicken – chicken, turkey, and pork meal.

Beef – beef and lamb meal. 

Lamb – lamb meal. 

Fish – Salmon meal.

Another difference in this brand is that they do not use corn or wheat gluten as fillers. They also do not use animal by-products, fillers, artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives in their products.

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Heartland cat food is made from natural ingredients. They only have one canned flavor that doesn’t contain any gravy, so there aren’t too many flavors to choose from.

However, the company gives cats a wide variety of products to choose from, such as wet and dry food and canned food with gravy or without gravy.

Nutritional Information

The nutritional value is below the average compared to other cat food brands. This food brand is not recommended for overweight cats or senior cats.

Wet food contains up to 30% water and 70% calories. This can be toxic for an overweight cat. The dry food contains 10% protein, which isn’t enough for the cat as they need 20% at least.

This kind of protein also prevents crystals from forming in your cat’s urine, which means that you have a healthier feline.

The meat is just a small part of the mix in the canned food. The rest is fruits and vegetables; however, they are not as high in protein as chicken and turkey meat. There is not a lot of fat in this food brand, except for kibble.

How Is The Public Response About The Heartland Farms Cat Food?

Many people have a great experience with this brand. They usually say that their cats love its taste and it is also affordable. Some people complain about the smell of the wet food, but others say it smells good and is not overpowering.

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Best 3 Heartland Cat Food

The top 3 Heartland cat food products are:

1. Heartland Farms Dry Kitten Cat Food

This food is made for kittens. It has the best protein since it is made from chicken and lamb. The only bad thing you may find about this food is that most of it are kibble, so don’t get this for an adult cat.

2. Heartland Farms Canned Cat Food

This cat food brand contains 10% fat and nearly 47% protein, making it a good choice for cats. If your cat has sensitive skin, this may not be the right brand for them. The ingredients are made from real meat, fruits, and vegetables and are made in the USA.

3. Heartland Farms Wet Cat Food

You will get a mega-scoop when you get this kind of cat food. The ingredients are made from real chicken and turkey meat, good for your cat’s weight.

There are many different flavors: chicken with salmon, tuna hotdish flavor, crabmeat shrimp chowder flavor, and chicken tamale flavor.

Is Heartland Farm Kitten Food Good For Kittens?

This is a good brand of cat food, but it is not recommended for kittens. Kittens need more fat than they are getting in this type of food. If you have an overweight kitten, then it’s probably not a good choice for them.

Heartland Cat Food Coupons

As mentioned earlier, there are coupons available for Heartland Farms cat food and dry kibble. This automatically helps the consumer save money on their pet’s food at the Pet Smart and PetCo stores.

Is Heartland Cat Food Natural?

Heartland cat food is made from natural ingredients and is not enriched with artificial colors, flavors, or fillers.

Do Heartland Cat Foods Contain Gluten?

Heartland cat food products do not contain any wheat or gluten in the ingredients. There’s no gluten used as a filler or an ingredient in this brand of cat food. This food brand is suitable for cats with sensitive skin or allergies to something else.


Overall, Heartland Farms cat food is an affordable brand. The cats seem to enjoy the taste of it. It tastes good as well as has high-value proteins.

Heartland is a great way to start a healthy life for your cat. If you have any questions or comments about Heartland cat food, please feel free to leave them below in the comment section!

The ingredients and nutrition of Heartland Farms Naturals Premium Cat Food are below average compared with the competitors.

Heartland Farms Naturals Cat Food is sold at grocery stores, pet supply stores, and online at Amazon.com.


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