How To Soften Dry Cat Food? 7 Easy Ways

How to soften dry cat food? As dry food is getting more and more popular for cats, many people wonder how to soften dry cat food.

The first thing you need to understand is that you will not make it soggy or easier to eat by softening the cat food. It will still be as crunchy as before, but your kitty’s teeth won’t hurt anymore.

Dry cat food is the most convenient way to feed a house full of cats, but it can be hard on their teeth and digestive system. It’s also less palatable than wet food, so some cats may not eat enough. Fortunately, there are ways to make dry food more moist and tasty without adding water or cooking it.

The first way to make dry cat food more palatable is to top it with wet food. Adding small amounts of a favorite wet food over one or two days will make dry food much more delicious.

You can also add a little tuna, chicken broth, gravy, or pureed baby food to the dry cat food and mix it in. This will give them something they enjoy eating.

how to soften dry cat food? 7 Easy Ways

Have you tried adding wet food to the dry cat food, but it still seems too hard on their teeth and digestive system?

How To Soften Dry Cat Food
Soften Dry Cat Food

There are many ways to soften dry cat food without adding water or cooking it. The first way is by topping it with wet food. Adding small amounts of a favorite wet food over one or two days will make dry food much more delicious.

You can also add a little tuna, chicken broth, gravy, or pureed baby food to the dry cat food and mix it in. This will give them something they enjoy eating. Here are 7 easy ways for you to try!

1) Sprinkle with a little broth powder:

Just make sure the product you choose is not full of chemicals or high in sodium.

If you want to make it yourself, pick up a chicken or beef bouillon box and mix it with the dry food in a ratio of one part powder to ten parts food.

If your cats are used to wet-style cat food, you may need to work up gradually to this method – start by mixing in half the amount of powder for a few days, and then gradually increase the ratio until you are using it full strength. If your cat is sensitive to salt, choose salt-free products.

2) Add a teaspoon of canned pumpkin:

If your cats are on a low-carbohydrate diet, substitute the pumpkin for the water in the recipe. If not, you can mix it in with their dry food –make sure to keep a close eye on your cat’s weight as this can quickly turn into an unhealthy (and difficult to resist) treat!

3) Mix in canned sardines:

Use two to four ounces of boneless, skinless sardines in oil (drained) for every cup of dry food you are going to soften.

soften dry cat food make
soften dry cat food make

This is a great way to treat your cats and ensure they are getting enough water –be sure to choose fish that have been caught using sustainable methods.

4) Mash in a tablespoon of canned tuna:

Just like the sardines, this is a great way to boost your cat’s water intake and add vital nutrients. Go for tuna packed in water rather than oil whenever possible. As always, make sure any seafood you feed your cats has been caught using sustainable methods!

5) Drench your cat’s kibble in water or broth:

Just like adding a little broth powder, you’ll need to work up to this method slowly if your cat is used to eating dry-style food.

You can start by mixing in half of the usual amount of water and increasing the ratio each day until you use a full bowl of liquid. Once your cat is used to it, this can be a great way to increase her water intake and keep her cat from getting dehydrated.

6) Add one-quarter cup plain yogurt:

Plain, full-fat yogurt is a great source of protein and calcium, so it’s a healthy addition to your cat’s diet. Just be sure you are using an unsweetened product made from whole milk chosen over low-fat options.

If your cat doesn’t like the taste of plain yogurt, or if she has digestive issues that make dairy products difficult to digest, you may want to try a different flavor or even mix it with the wet cat food of your choice.

7) Sprinkle with a little powdered milk:

Adding a little powdered milk to your cat’s dry food can help it hold together better and soften up. Just make sure you are using plain powdered milk without sugar or other sweeteners added – if you want to use the flavored liquid versions, add some extra water when you mix in the powder.  

With any of these, remember to add the dry food to your cat’s bowl first and then pour on liquid after she begins eating. And also, keep in mind that all cats are different, especially if you have a finicky feline at home.

Try out different methods until you find an option your cat responds well to – it can be a trial-and-error process, but you’ll eventually find what works for your four-legged friend.

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What Not To Do?

You shouldn’t microwave or boil your cat’s dry food –think about how much time and energy that would take every day!

Be careful not to add too many extra ingredients, as this can also make your cat uninterested in her food.

And finally, never give your cat milk as it is difficult for them to digest and can cause digestive upset.

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Why would I soften dry cat food?

If your cat is suffering from any digestive issues, it may be best to soften her kibble. This can also help cats that need a low-salt diet for heart health or kidney issues.

soften dry cat food
soften dry cat food

Just keep in mind that if you do switch your cat’s food, you should do so gradually over several days so as not to upset her stomach.

What are the benefits of softened dry cat food?

A softer texture means that your cat can more easily digest her food – which is especially important if she suffers from any digestive issues. Some health-conscious pet owners also choose to soften their cats’ kibble, so it’s a great option for cats with heart or kidney problems.

What are the drawbacks of softened dry cat food?

The main drawback is that it’s difficult to find commercial products without added ingredients, so you’ll need to be careful if your cat has a sensitive stomach or any other dietary issues. And as always, remember to consult your vet before making any major changes to your cat’s diet.

How long to soak dry cat food?

You can soak your dry cat food for 6 hours a day, and it should be fully wet after three days. The best way to dry wet cat food is by putting it in the oven at 150 degrees Fahrenheit for 12 hours.

This will ensure your food is completely dry, though you may have to keep checking on it while the cat food cools down.

Also, remember not to leave your feline’s home alone with wet or dry cat food as this may lead to a dangerous situation.

Dry and wet cat food should not be given together as they are different nutrients that shouldn’t be consummated together.

How to soften cat food for kittens?

One solution that has worked well for some people when softening dry cat food for kittens is putting the food in a bowl and adding a little bit of warm water to make it less hard. If you don’t want to add water, try warming up the food under hot water or in the microwave.

You can generally leave the dry cat food out for 24 hours, and it should be sufficiently softened. However, this may not be enough time for some kittens.

Can I grind dry cat food?

You can always grind dry cat food with a blender, but the texture will be different than in the can. If you want to keep some of the texture of canned, then please use either fresh or frozen wet food.

If you want to make a dry cat food blend that is a little closer to canned, add 1/2 of a cup of water and mix well.

How much cat food should I feed my kitten?

Your kitten needs 14-24 ounces of wet or dry cat food per day (some exceptions may apply). However, the amount of food your kitten needs may vary depending on how frequently you feed your cat, whether it is a kitten or an adult, etc.

It is best to speak with a veterinarian about the proper amount of wet and dry cat food you should give your pet.


If you have a cat with any digestive issues, it may be best to soften her kibble. The texture will make it easier for your feline friend to digest the food and help cats who need low-salt diets or are suffering from kidney problems.

Dry cat food can be hard for cats to eat when sick or injured. Therefore, making it soft is one way you can help make sure that your cat receives all the nutrients and calories they need. You’ll need to experiment to see what works best for your cat.

If you have more questions, please leave a comment. We love hearing from you guys. Thanks!


Is It Right To Soften Dry Cat Food?

Yes, It can be right to soften dry cat food, but it’s not always necessary. A softer food may be helpful if you’re trying to encourage a cat to eat after they’ve been sick or had surgery.

Can We Opt For Wet Cat Food?

Yes. Softening the dry food can mean adding water or broth to the food or adding something like kitten formula. You can also opt to mix the dry with wet food. You’ll likely need to experiment to determine what works best for your cat.

Is It OK To Moisten Dry Cat Food?

Yes, it’s OK. Some cats need to have their dry food softened. You’ll typically need to mix with water or broth or add a bit of kitten formula. This can make it easier for cats with trouble eating to eat their dry food.

Should I Soften My Kitten’s Food?

It depends on the kitten. Some have sensitive digestive systems, so they can handle having their food softened. Others need to be introduced to dry food slowly, which may mean that you need to use kitten formula or a blender to make it soft enough for them to eat.

Can I Add Water To Dry Cat Food?

Yes, you can add water or broth. This makes the food softer and easier for cats with trouble eating or chewing.

Can I Soak Dry Cat Food?

Yes. This may make the food softer so that cats having trouble eating can eat it.

How Do I Soften Dry Cat Food?

There are a few ways to soften dry cat food. Typically, you can add water or broth. You can also add kitten formula for extra calories and moisture. If a cat has dental problems, you may need to add a little water to the food and blend it until it becomes liquid. You should be able to feed the cat afterward directly from the blender cup.

How Can I Soften My Cat’s Dry Food Quickly?

Often you’ll need to let it sit in water or broth for just a few minutes. Sometimes, you’ll need to use something different, like a kitten formula or a blender. It depends on your cat.

What Are The Best Ways To Soften Dry Food?

The best way to soften dry food for your cat depends on the type of food. You may be able to add water, broth, or kitten formula. If your cat needs help chewing and eating, you can add water to the food and help them with a blender.

How Long Does It Take To Soften Dry Cat Food?

It takes only 10 to 15 minutes to make dry food softer. However, the food will keep its moisture for only a short time. That’s why it’s best to serve it right away.

How Do You Mash Up Cat Food?

You can mash up cat food by putting it in a blender or Vita-Mix, or a food processor and pulsing the food for about 30 seconds. The best thing to do is get your cat to eat the soft food. You may need to use a bit of formula or a blender for them to eat it.

Can You Soften Kibble?

Yes, you can soften kibble by placing it in a small amount of water, then blending it until smooth.

Can I Mix Dry Cat Food With Milk?

Yes, you can mix dry cat food with milk. You’ll need to add a bit of formula or a blender to make it soft enough for the cat.


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