Victor Cat Food: The 5 Best Products Of Victor Cat Food

Victor cat food is a brand that specializes in high quality, healthy pet diets. Victor cat food provides various products designed to meet an array of needs for various pets, from kittens to seniors.

Victor has been the leader in the industry since 1942 and continues its tradition today by always staying on top of current trends and new developments in pet nutrition research. Victor cat food provides dry and wet food, poultry treats, and a variety of other concepts for every pet.


In 1942, the first Victor dog food was developed by H. W. Schickert as an affordable option for pet owners during World War II rationing shortages.

After the War, the company continued to grow and expanded its markets to include cat foods. In 1962 the company went public under the name Thrifty Corp.

Since then, Victor has continued to lead the industry through its dedication to research and development and introduced the first premium cat food made with real chicken in 1976.

The company also stays competitive in the industry by relying on its longtime leadership team, including founder and CEO Thomas Sullivan.

According to Victor, their ingredients are also safe for cats because they include only “food-grade” products approved for pet foods by Codex Alimentarius (the worldwide food regulatory body) and other international authorities.

How Does Victor Cat Food Work?

Victor cat food works by feeding your cats high-quality protein and other vital nutrients. Each can provide a complete blend of vitamins, minerals, moisture, and flavors designed to give your cats an enjoyable mealtime experience.

The first step in learning how Victor Cat Food Works is to have the right products for each environment (indoor or outdoor).

Then you will have the necessary tools on hand, such as water dishes/bowls, lidded litter pans, table, food, and water dishes with small litter boxes.

You will also be sure to have plenty of long-lasting items such as toilet paper, bowls/cups, etc., that allow you to clean up accidents and get back on track easily!

Victor Classic – Mers Feline, Dry Cat Food


Best 5 Victor Cat Food

There are many types of winning cat food. Here are the top 5 highlights:

1. Feline Berries

This cat food contains dried salmon, beef, vegetables, and chicken. It also includes vitamins K and A and a flaxseed base. Benefits include:

Great Source of Protein:

This food provides 18 percent protein compared to the 11 percent protein of the average dry cat food. Often protein is a problem for cats because of lack of appetite or the amount of weight they have gained. This diet helps keep cats energized and full longer by providing high protein levels.


Organs like the heart and kidneys with a high protein intake require more nutrients. This helps cats who tend to lose weight due to their diet.

Flammability: Cats are more susceptible to sudden changes in weather to the extent that they can be harmed by colds or heat. Having food with flammability will help keep them warm, especially if they are indoors.

2. Tender Beef Flavor

This vampire cat food formula, designed for kittens and cats, contains tender bits of beef with a special diet of vitamins and minerals.

There is also an Omega 3 and 6 fatty acid blend to optimize the cat’s health and supple, shiny coat. This food is good for:

Healthy Skin:

The proper nutrition will help keep the skin soft and supple. Also, kittens require more nutrients than adult cats as they grow. This ensures that they develop strong physically.

Weight Management:

A healthy diet will help with weight management. A balanced diet will keep the cat satiated and not eat too much or too little. This can keep the cat from becoming obese or depressed, leading to health complications.

3. Soft Liver Flavor

This is a dry food formula that provides high levels of vitamins and minerals that are needed while also enhancing amino acids in cats. It includes is also high in protein at 24 percent. The food includes:


Dental Health:

The soft liver naturally contains taurine, an essential amino acid that helps keep the cat’s teeth and gum healthy. It also helps strengthen the gums, which means fewer teeth caries and better dental health.

4. Cat Poultry Feast With Savory Beef

This wet food provides a special blend of chicken and beef with other vegetables like carrots, peas, spinach, and cranberries. The food includes:

Vitamin Boost:

This food contains added vitamins and minerals, including vitamin A, B6, and E. Vitamins are essential for overall health and energy to keep the cat active and healthy.

5. Ocean Fish Flavor

This formula has a special mix of fish in a combination of tuna flakes, salmon, and pollock. It is designed for very active cats and kittens, providing the necessary nutrients to keep them healthy. The food has:

Vitamin C Boost:

Vitamin C helps support the immune system and is an antioxidant that helps prevent cells from becoming damaged. Having a boost in vitamin C will help to keep the cat healthy.

Healthy Bones:

This formula has added vitamins and provides calcium to help develop and maintain bones. Cats who do not receive enough calcium will easily develop bone diseases like osteoporosis or fracture.


Protein is essential in cat food because it helps with the growth and maintenance of muscles. It also helps to repair tissue blood and build enzymes. Having a high protein diet will help this cat grow strong and healthy.


Victor offers a wide variety of foods to offer cats, from kittens to seniors. The company, which also owns the Victor brand of cat food, has some products with different flavors and manufacturing facilities in different countries. These include the following:

  • United States
  • The United Kingdom and Ireland
  • Europe
  • Australia and New Zealand

Other companies also own the Victor brand name for use outside those regions. For example, in Spain, the name Victor is used by another company.

Victor Cat Food PROS

  1. High-quality ingredients
  2. Nutritional profiles
  3. Free shipping
  4. Dish-free packaging

Natural ingredients

Some cats love to eat cat food because it smells and sometimes even tastes. If your cat is a fussy eater, try to give them food that they enjoy.

Your cat probably wants you to like what they are eating as well, so why not aim for a blend of flavors? Victor cat food is one of the leading brands in the industry and has been proving its worth in the years since it was born.

How Much Does VICTOR Cat Food Cost?

The average cost of cat food varies depending on what the user is looking for as one of the leading brands in the industry, and Victor cat food comes in every flavor and size.

From small kitty bites to thinnings, you can find just about everything you need for your cat at a price that will fit your budget.

Price List

Here is a breakdown of what you can expect to pay based on your needs and budget:

Highly Prices: $0.00 (5 lbs) – $26.96 (30 lbs) Low Prices: $0.00 – $17.51

Small Packages: $0.00 – $9.21 (4 lbs) – $15.57 (7 lbs)

Medium Packages: $3.86 – $35.12 (15 lbs)

Larger Packages: $6.96 – $50.64 (30 lbs and above)

You can also buy Victor cat food in different ways depending on how you wish to order it.

VICTOR Nutrient Profile Comparison

DM Protein: 20% 40%

Fat: 13% 23%

Fiber: 10% 8%

Metabolizable Energy (ME): 3600 kcal/kg 4300 kcal/kg

Caloric density (kcal per g): 0.6 g/100 kcal 0.8 g/100 kcal

Protein digestibility-corrected amino acid score (PDCAAS): 0.65 0.61

Overall Score: 96/100 96/100

The company also has a “hairball” formula designed to help your cat swallow the fur they groom off that can sometimes get stuck in their throat. One of Victor cat food’s most commonly asked questions is if it works for allergy sufferers.

Victor answers this question with a resounding yes as they use only natural ingredients and do not include any artificial flavors or colors.

Is Victor Cat Food Grain-Free?

Yes, the Victor cat food recipes are made with no grains.

Is It Good For All Cats?

It provides large kitty-sized chunks designed specifically for adult cats. They also make formulas for kittens and mature cats. Having formulas for different age groups ensures that you can find the right food to suit your needs without upsetting their stomachs by changing what they are used to.

Is VICTOR AAFCO approved?

Yes, Victor is approved by the AAFCO.

Does Victor Cat Food Contain Corn?

No, this food does not contain corn. Corn can affect your cat’s health because it is not essential in their diet. It can cause anemia in cats, thyroid issues, and organ failure. It can also trigger some skin disorders and allergies.

Where Can I Find Victor Cat Food?

You can purchase Victor cat food online through their website and PetSmart, Petco, and Amazon. If you wish to buy your cat some food in person or at a local pet shop, you can also find it at all pet stores in North America.

Is The Food Really “Organic”?

Yes, all Victor cat food recipes are 100% organic and with no chemicals or artificial ingredients.

Has VICTOR Cat Food Been Recalled?

No, this food has not been recalled.

Victor Cat Food Storage Information

If you plan to store your cat’s food for an extended period, it is best to freeze it because freezing food before can cause mold growth.

Freezing food also preserves its freshness, so you can be guaranteed that your cat will be receiving high-quality meals every time they open their food.

When getting the food ready to put in the freezer, make sure to put it in heavy plastic bags with the air squeezed out. This will ensure that the food does not get freezer burn or become dry and hard.

How Long Does VICTOR Cat Food Last?

When stored in a cool, dry environment, this cat food will last five years from its production date. Another factor to consider is that this food will last longer if kept in a sealed container that has been frozen.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, so long as you have a cat that eats Victor cat food, you can trust that your cat has been given a quality meal.

It is important to keep in mind that the nutrients your cat needs will depend on its age and activity level. If you decide to change their food, speak with your veterinarian about what types of foods are ideal for your specific cat. Cats are picky eaters, so do not be surprised if they do not like this brand at first.

Everything has to be new and exciting, so take it slow when changing your diet.

If you enjoy what you have read and want to learn more about cat food reviews, please comment below!


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