Caru Cat Food Best Review: Is It Really Best?

Caru cat food was designed to be simple enough for any cat as long as they meet their nutritional requirements and have an appetite for meaty flavors.

The first three flavors are chicken and beef, salmon and tuna, and chicken and fish. Each is made with high-quality ingredients that provide the natural balance of amino acids that cats need.

The company chose not to use meat from farm animals due to animal cruelty concerns. Instead, they produce their meat from vegetable protein sources. They can do this because they can create a sustainable process that results in the protein being able to be easily digested by cats.

Caru is a high-quality cat food made in Italy with fresh fish, vegetables, and fruits. Caru is gluten-free and has no artificial ingredients, and it is fortified with vitamins, minerals, and trace elements.

Caru was the first raw food for cats on the market, followed by our dry product: Caru Club, which includes 70% moisture without compromising nutrition.

What is Caru Cat Food?

Caru cat food is marketed as nutritionally complete raw meat for cats and requires no pre-cooking or rehydration before presentation to your feline friend.

Caru Cat Food
Caru Cat Food

Duggan’s Pet Care brand of pet foods, available in 200g packs, was established to provide wholesome protein meals that are easy to digest by all consumers, canned diet entrees can be fed without requiring cooking, and assisting in reducing on-site environmental destruction.

What Are The Ingredients In Caru Cat Food?

Chicken 67%, Salmon 33%, Beef 27% Tuna 14% Onions 0.5%. Meat meal 42%. Brewers rice 5%; Sunflower oil 7%; Deboned fish filet 3%), Inulin 3mg/kg cooked chicken (1%);

High quality minerals including: Ferrous sulphate 2ppm , Sodium chloride 0.32%, Vitamin A 100,000 IU/kg cooked chicken (10%); Potassium 3%; Selenium 2ppm; Boron 1mg/kg Chicken meal (balanced for meat content); Choline 15mg/lb dried poultry

CARU Daily Dish Smoothies Lickable Treats for Cats,100% Natural


How Does Caru Make Their Food?

Duggan’s Pet Care cat foods are manufactured in a dedicated facility that follows Good Manufacturing Practices and to industry standards—all pet foods are held to strict regulations.

They do not use artificial preservatives, flavor enhancers, or colorings in their products. Thus, they’re less likely to have negative interactions with your cat’s digestive system and are generally easier on the stomach than other pet foods available today.

The whole raw meat ingredient of Caru is prepared in-house daily as part of our processing here at Duggan’s Foods (United Kingdom) Ltd, where all meats used for all Duggan’s products are sourced from the United Kingdom.

CARU Daily Dish Broth Meal Topper for Cats


How Long Can I Feed My Cat This Food?

As with any Caru cat foods, if you wish to allow your pet to enjoy a longer shelf life when not being fed, then we recommend that all our canned kitten food products be stored for no less than 16 months after opening.

What Are The Benefits Of Feeding Your Cat Caru Food?

1. As with all our Duggan products, Caru kitten food contains no artificial colors or preservatives, so it will not harm your cat.

2. All of Caru cat foods are 100% grain-free, so they’re better for you and your best friend, too.

3. For all meals, Nutro cans with Caru packed in a convenient plastic shell pack that ensures no damage to the can occur during transit, limiting wastage and keeping freshness optimal while ensuring minimal carbon footprint created throughout their entire journey between manufacture overseas to delivery at home.

4. All Caru canned pet foods are that easy to prepare! Remove food from the can with a pair of kitchen scissors or a knife, mix with warm water and serve instantly in a bowl…your cat’s meals are prepared quickly and easily, so you don’t have to waste valuable time preparing their daily diet – Save some money too.

Caru – Salmon Recipe, Soft ‘N Tasty Baked Bites All-Natural Cat Treats


Are There Any Side Effects To Feeding Your Cat Caru Food?

We have very good feedback from our customers who feed their pets Caru; If in any doubt, please speak to your vet before using this pet food – we suggest you should not feed raw meat only or use this product as a general diet for your furry friends.

About Information Of Caru Cat Food

Caru brand was founded in 2012 by a small, family-owned company located in Bergamo, Italy. The company was founded to provide cats and their owners with healthy food that can be prepared easily at home.

The company uses top-quality ingredients sourced from Italy, including fish from the Mediterranean Sea (tuna, salmon, and anchovies) and vegetables (carrots, asparagus, onions).

The company was founded to provide cats and their owners with healthy food that can be prepared easily at home.

Sourcing And Manufacturing

Caru’s products are sourced from Italy and manufactured in a facility that meets the AAFCO and EU food regulations. The manufacturer is Foppapedretti, an Italian pet food company.

Caru’s products have received some recognition for their high-quality ingredients. In May 2016, the company was given an award for innovation by Pet Product News Europe, one of the largest trade shows for pet industry professionals in Europe.

Review: Ingredients

Similar to some other brands, Caru has an updated page on their brand website for all of the different formulations available, including name (Caruplemon Original), metric values(Ultra Kibble-Original 12%), first ingredient ingredients (coconut oil) alongside freshness information as well as storage instructions;

Also the new formulation of Caru Original has a free-from option containing fresh ingredients and is available in both Kibble form & Softgels (purchased from Treats Etc.) With each portion size about the same as Crave for just under two times more ($2.49 vs. $1).

What Kinds Of Cat Food Does Caru Offer?

Caru offers all kinds of food for cats, including natural and dried foods. Caru discontinued their Naturally ® line (the budget Natural ) & HISSI® range in 2015 but are still available from other brands under different brand names.

Like most premium foods designed for indoor cats, FreshCare™ is a semi-moist formula that incorporates ingredients such as whole fruits and vegetables to help support the immune system, making it one of few cat foods available that are also suitable as a recommended diet for older cats.

Caru has created formulas with various ratios of protein, fat, fibers, and moisture – all valuable things to pet parents who care about the nutrition needs of their hungry felines.

Top 3 Caru Cat Food Products

1. Caru Classic Turkey Stew Grain-Free Wet Food

Ingredients: Turkey, Turkey Liver, Chicken Heart and Roasted Chickpeas (natural flavor), Coarsely Ground Whole Oat Flour (made with organic whole oats), Water Sufficient For Processing, Pea Protein Isolate, Canola Oil

Feeding Instructions: Feed as a complete nutritional diet. Feed once daily or twice weekly. White meat is higher in calories per gram than dark meats due to the extra maintenance needed during growth & development. Caru does not recommend feeding chicken as a food for most cats.

Guaranteed Analysis: Protein  (min): 25%; Fat (min): 17% 0/10; Fiber: 1.4% Carbs (max.): 6%; Ash (max.) 5.5%.


Caloric Weight Basis: Nutrient Analysis: Energy Protein Fat Fiber Carbs  (calculated) 1623 kcal/kg KJV 13.4% 7.9% 77 10 30 Based Upon 20 kg of food, given 2-3 times daily in a high energy diet (approximately 3 cups per day).

Pros: This is a great formula if your cat’s meal plan includes poultry. Although not as highly concentrated in protein, it still provides you with adequate muscle meat, which can be beneficial, especially for older cats who may have difficulty eating other proteins due to hypocalcemia and digestive issues.

The nourishing amounts of natural flours, peas, and wheat germ are also incredibly important for proper digestion – above all else, the body will only break down what must be digested. These vital compounds offer many supporting nutrients to do the job.

Cons: For feline’s without a lean meat mix, this could be a bit lacking. I would suggest adding different ingredients such as vegetables, fish, and eggs for various purposes, but you should do your research first before making any drastic changes!

2. Tiki Cat Chicken Formula

Exclusively made: From Poultry Only, Meat Meal, Oatmeal (Original) | Bakery By-Products, Tomato Pomace Seeded Meal, Tapioca Flour, Moisture Balance (Animal Fat and Distiller’s Dried Grains with Vitamin E Supplement), Potassium Chloride, Dehydrated Alfalfa Meal… From a Grain Source: Corn Gluten Feeding 

Instructions: Feed using complete and balanced ratio. Start with 25-30% calories as protein; gradually increase to 50%. 

Benefits: Yes, that’s a big plus button!! This Formula is designed especially for older cats or those without the ability to eat lean meats for whatever reason they may have!

As mentioned before, all of this food comes from poultry extracts, meaning minimal fat, which means it can be given even if your kitty isn’t being fed lean meats already.

Because the meal comes from poultry, it’s incredibly nutrient-dense, meaning your kitty will receive everything they need without leaving much to be desired in terms of food variety and taste if any cat owner wants more assurance that their feline is being fed proper nutrition, these foods fantastic!

Cons: While I really like how holistic these formulas are, it’s a lot to find out during purchasing and explain what all the ingredients mean. The most important thing is to make sure you read the labels and know exactly what your kitty’s getting!

3. Wellness CORE FORMULA – Feline Adult Blue (Sensitive Skin)

Exclusively made: From Dehydrated Chicken or Turkey, Meat How, Brewers Rice Grain, Whole Artichoke Hearts and Any of These Ingredients: Tomato Pomace Calcium Carbonate, Salt Spinach Leaf Mash, Potassium Chloride, Corn Flour Dehydrated Shrimp Meal With Nonfat Dry Milk.

Instructions: Feed a complete and balanced diet. Start with 25-30% calories as protein; gradually increase to 50%. 

Benefits: Cornerstone of Wellness’s line caters to specific cat breeds. They are also unique in that they go beyond entrees and incorporate supplements into their food.

Their products are aimed at cats who have sensitive skin or battle allergies, so for them to make so much specifically for those issues is fantastic! 


Wellness CORE Formula fits this criterion very well because of the following: – Dehydrated Chicken (The highest quality available) – Meat How (Quality poultry source ) In addition, you’d also be getting things from whole apples ( Honey Grits), whole oysters, an all-organic fruit blend, avocado, and spinach. Okay, those aren’t exact ingredients, but you get the idea!

Cons: Despite being extremely expensive for its meager size, 1 can is 340 g which equals 3 pounds or 600 ml. That’s a lot of food to fill so few stomachs…and when it comes near that same price point as far more expensive dry foods, you’re suddenly coming up short on kitty’s hunger by a small pantry.

Is It Good For Cats?

I don’t know because I have no hands-on experience with Wellness! However, we do hear that cats prone to allergies seem to be better behaved when they’re eating this food, so there might be something about it that makes their sensitive skin irritated.

How Much Should I Feed My Cat With Caru Cat Food?

Once again, that depends on the cat. But for adult cats, Caru is more of a treat than anything else, so it should be given sparingly, like every other time you give a kitty some food.

It’s also very important to get their weight back up to optimal levels as quickly and safely as possible if your cat has lost too much lean muscle mass during supplementation or losing hair from hypothyroidism (low thyroid).

The Bottom Line

Overall, we think that Caru is good food for cats, but it’s not the best option on the market. It’s expensive, and other foods are just as good or even better for less money. If you are willing to spend the money, it’s a good brand that has foods for all life stages and uses small ingredients not to make your cats fat.

The ingredients list doesn’t contain any non-allergenic proteins, grains, or fillers that can cause problems for cats with sensitive systems.

I hope this article has done the trick for you, and you finally got to read our review on Caru Cat Food. We hope that it helped answer all your caru questions; if not, please drop a comment below as we would love to help! And also, make sure that you check out more posts like this one for other interesting stuff from Vetstreet.


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