True Source Cat Food: Best 12 Benefits Of True Source Cat Food

True Source cat food is the only food made with 100% meat and natural ingredients; because of that, it is more nutritious for your pet than other brands.

True Source is a relatively new food company that supplies your cat with fresh and healthy meat. Given the high-quality ingredients, their veggie-based recipes are quite tasty. The only problem is that the prices are higher than most people want to pay.

There are two main versions of the food. You can buy formula with “duck, turkey, or lamb” listed as the main ingredient. This all-meat version is great for cats who need to lose weight.

There’s also a grain-based option if your cat needs to gain weight or if you want to use this as a treat now and then.

The grain-based version contains some sweet potatoes, which most people don’t realize is toxic for cats. If they eat too much, they can become seriously ill.

True Source Cat Food
True Source Cat Food

If you choose this “grain-based” option, make sure that your cat eats it in moderation, so he doesn’t get sick. Some cats vomit instantly when they eat the sweet potato, probably because those were the high-carb ingredients.

Others don’t seem bothered by it at all, and if that’s you, don’t worry about it too much; your kitty will probably be just fine.

The good news is that most cats are fine with turkey, lamb, or duck, which True Source provides. It may not matter what version you choose if your cat gets enough protein and not too much grain.

In addition to providing grain-based and all-meat formulas, the company also sells treats. They do have some very high-quality ingredients in their treats as well. I don’t recommend these particular treats because they contain cheese, a very high-fat ingredient.

To learn more about how this food keeps your kitty healthy inside and out, you can read our “True source cat food” article here.

What Is True Source Cat Food?

True Source cat food is a cat food brand that sells three different types of canned food. It’s a grain-free, meat-based formula that is said to be made from “duck, turkey, or lamb.”

The company also sells True Source Grain-Free canned cat food. This is a very high-quality grain-free food spread across six different flavors.

The ingredients are sourced worldwide with no artificial flavors added; it’s not even preservative-packed into cans (although it does contain vital minerals). The food is carefully formulated to ensure a highly digestible alternative for your cat.

If you have a grain-fed cat, you might want to consider the True Source Grain-Free canned food. It’s made from whole, grass-fed sources of meat and organ meat, which means your feline will be receiving added nutrition alongside wholesome grains without any added preservatives. This is an excellent choice for feeding grain-dependent cats or those needing to gain weight.

Benefits Of True Source Cat Food

1. Aims to provide cats with a high-quality protein source.

True Source doesn’t aim to provide their cat food with all of the nutrients your feline needs, but the brand aims to provide cats with a high-quality protein source sourced from various meat sources.

2. Grain-free and vegetarian options available.

True Source makes grain-free cat food, so if your feline suffers from allergies or you’re just looking for an alternative to grain-fed cat food, then this brand is one that you might want to consider.

In addition to the grain-free option, there’s also a vegetarian formula that uses vegetables like sweet potato and green peas in place of meat.

If you’re looking for a complete diet for your cat, you’ll find that both of these options are available to supplement their diet with extra vitamins and minerals.

3. Grain-free formulas are high in protein.

If you’re looking for cat food that is grain-free and high in protein, then True Source is one option to consider.

The grain-free formula contains 30% protein, which means that your cat will be getting plenty of nutrients from animal sources and not just grains or vegetables.

4. High quality ingredients and no artificial preservatives added.

As with all of their products, True Source cat food is completely free of artificial preservatives. This means that it’s a cat food that can be used as a treat every once in a while or as a main diet for your feline.

Furthermore, the brand doesn’t use any chemicals or preservatives to preserve its ingredients, meaning it will stay fresh for a long time without spoiling.

5. Made from humanely-sourced meats and organs.

The meat, organs, and bones used in True Source cat food are all sourced from humanely-treated animals, which means that you can feel good about the diet you’re providing for your feline.

6. Non-GMO ingredients are used.

Finally, the brand uses non-GMO ingredients and is completely free of added dyes or colors. This means that you can rest assured that the food that you’re providing for your feline is completely safe for them to consume and won’t cause any skin or stomach issues for your kitty.

True Source Grain-Free cat food comes in six different flavors, which are:

1. Beef

2. Chicken

3. Wild Salmon

4. Duck Pate

5. Turkey Pate

6. Duck and Salmon

True Source cat food is available as dry kibble, canned wet food, and grain-free treats. Although the flavor options are somewhat limited and the food isn’t entirely grain-free (it uses barley), the company does produce some very high-quality ingredients that are farmed humanely.

This means that you can feel good about choosing a grain-free diet for your feline friend without having to worry about harming animals or causing any ethical issues.

Disadvantages Of This Food

1. Cat food with few ingredients and no added vitamins or minerals.

True Source cat food does not contain any added vitamins or minerals, so your cat will likely need to eat this food as a whole health-enhancing diet without the need for any supplemental supplements from their vet.

2. May not be a complete diet for your cat.

If you are looking for a complete diet for your cat, then you’ll likely need to supplement the cat food with other options as well.

3. Packed with carbohydrates that provide little nutritional benefit.

Although True Source cat food is grain-free and has high amounts of protein, this brand does provide carbohydrate-rich ingredients instead of higher amounts of protein.

This means that the product is probably not ideal for your feline friend because cats need high-protein diets to remain healthy and strong.

True Source cat food is an excellent choice if you’re looking for healthy, rich protein sources that are grain-free and free of chemical preservatives or artificial ingredients.

The brand aims to provide cats with various meat sources in their formula, which means that it’s a higher-quality option than many other grain-free cat foods on the market.

Nutrition Fact Of True Source Cat Food

Calories from fat17kcal
Saturated fat3.4g
Trans fat0.1g

Carbohydrate Source: 18% wheat, 12% protein, 48% barley (with added vitamins & minerals)

Source of essential vitamins and minerals according to manufacturer Manufacturers’ Statement. The FDA has not evaluated this statement.

Provides daily taurine (2.2mg)

Source of Omega-6 Fatty Acids and Omega-3 Fatty acids according to manufacturer Manufacturers’ Statement. The FDA has not evaluated this statement.

Contains added vitamins and minerals.

Feeding Instructions For this brand, you’ll want to use one teaspoon per 10 lbs of body weight as a daily supplement for your cat’s diet.

How Does It Compare To Other Types Of Cat Food?

This brand is one of the best cat food types for those looking for a healthy diet for their feline companions.

True Source cat food uses high-quality meats, organs, and bones that are humanely sourced from animals, which means that your feline can enjoy a raw diet without being concerned about hurting any of the animals used to make the cat food.

True Source is also very high in protein and completely free of grains and artificial preservatives or additives.

This means that your kitty can enjoy a grain-free diet if they’re interested in raw foods or if you want to supplement their already wet or dry food.

Furthermore, the food is made in the United States and is completely free of any added flavors, colors, or dyes.

True Source Grain-Free cat food is one of the best options on the market for those looking for an all-natural product that doesn’t include any artificial ingredients or sugars and is also grain-free.

Who Makes True Source Cat Food?

True Source pet food is made by a company called True Blue. They are one of the top-selling brands of pet food in Canada.

True Source pet foods promote complete nutrition for your dog or cat.

Rarely do we get an opportunity to see what goes into making a natural pet food product, but True Source is proud to show you – they take you behind the scenes at their factory and have cameras follow their process from start to finish.

Run by inspired new moms, True Source cat food was created with complete feed management in mind. You won’t have to wonder what’s going into your pet’s food or how healthy it is for them.

Their products are made with the highest quality ingredients produced at a certified facility. As well as using fresh ingredients, they do not use any artificial flavors or preservatives.

Instead of using chemical additives, they use fresh meat and organs to enhance the nutritional value of their products.

Is True Source Cat Food Good?

This cat food is probably not the best option if you’re looking for a complete diet. Although it contains high amounts of protein, it also provides many carbohydrates and other lower-quality ingredients lacking in nutritional value and low in protein content.

If your cat has a healthy, balanced diet already, then you’ll probably be fine feeding them this brand of cat food instead. Another issue that some people may have with this product is that it does not include any vitamins and minerals.

Most cat foods that are not complete diets include vitamins and minerals, but this product does not. It does require supplementation from a vet for your kitty, so make sure you discuss this with your veterinarian first.

Whether you choose to supplement your kitty’s diet or not, you may have better results if you choose a diet that is complete and provides added vitamins or minerals.

Unfortunately, the True Source brand is only available in Canada at this time because they don’t ship their products out of the country.

Does Your Veterinarian Recommend True Source Cat Food For Your Pet?

If your veterinarian is familiar with this pet brand, they may recommend it to you. If not, they may suggest that you look into other brands of cat food that include added vitamins and minerals or an actual complete diet.

Does True Source Cat Food Have Artificial Preservatives, Additives Or Flavors?

This cat food does not contain artificial preservatives, additives, or dyes. It does have added vitamins and minerals, but the ingredients are not listed on the product label.


True Source cat food is a pretty high-quality brand of cat food with all of the necessary ingredients to give your cat the nutrients they need. Although this food isn’t ideal for providing a complete diet for your feline friend, you’ll be able to use the brand at least once, and maybe twice, as a supplement to their normal diet.

This means that you won’t have to worry about your feline needing extra additives in their diet or to cause any ethical issues based on their sourcing methods.

When you look at the ingredients in this brand of cat food, you can tell that it is low in carbohydrates. This means that it is more likely to be recommended for a diet intended to supplement your kitty’s regular diet.

If your cat eats a balanced diet already, there probably isn’t any harm in giving them this product. Still, if they are not eating perfectly balanced meals already, you may want to talk with your veterinarian about what type of food would be best for them.


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