How Long Does It Take Cats To Digest Food: Best 8 Tips To Digest Food

There are many myths in the world of cat owners. In particular, how long does it take cats to digest food?

When it comes to digestion, two things need to be looked at. First, how soon after eating does the food start to digest? Second, how long does it take for everything to get through your stomach?

Cats digest their food through chewing, swallowing, and then regurgitating the remaining particles. 

When they chew food in their mouths, they break it down into smaller pieces mixed with saliva and enzymes to break down protein. 

Once this process is completed, the food is swallowed and enters the stomach, further broken down by gastric juices.

How Long Does It Take Cats To Digest Food?

The answer to this is difficult to pinpoint.

Cats have always been known to reduce their food intake from one meal to the next. A new study published in the Journal of Animal Science recently determined how long a cat’s stomach takes to digest food. The results showed that it takes a cat about 12hours to digest its food.

If you see your cat eating a big meal, and then nothing happens, it is safe to assume that they ate it about half an hour ago. As for cats fed dry food, they have a much quicker digestive process than those fed wet food. 

How long does it take cats to digest food
How long does it take cats to digest food

If you are feeding dry food, it helps to let them eat as much as possible and then give them a little water. This will help them finish chewing much faster, making everything go through their digestive system much faster.

If they are still having a hard time digesting food after having some water, it will take them a little longer to finish eating. 

Factors Affecting The Duration Of Digestion

If there is something that affects the speed of your cat’s digestion, it is the size of their meal. The first thing to look at is your cat’s amount of food. 

The bigger the meal, the longer it will take for your cat to digest it. The second thing is the type of food that they are eating.

For example, dry food is more difficult to digest than wet food, so what your cat is eating can help to determine the duration.

Solutions To Give Your Cat A Long Lasting Meal

Feed them food that is easier to digest, like wet food. Dry food is much more difficult to digest, so you should feed them something easier to digest.

Feed them a very small meal, like an appetizer, and then keep giving them food until they finish eating.

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You can do this by putting a small amount of wet food at the start of their meal, first thing in the morning. Some cats even have a special place in their litter box to eat the appetizer. 

You can put wet food in their bed. 

What To Do If Cats Take Too Long To Digest Food?

If your cat has a hard time digesting their food, they may need to put some more water in their food. 

If you are feeding wet food, it helps to let them eat as much as possible and then give them a little water.

Here are 8 tips to help you digest food:

1. Give them water before you put a snack in their dish.

2. Make sure they have free access to water.

3. Try not to feed them too much.

4. Try not to give them food before they are hungry.

5. Make sure they are not getting sick.

6. Try to cut down on how much they are eating and how much water they are drinking.

7. If your cat has a hard time digesting food, give them a little water in their food every half hour or so.

8. Make sure they have access to a litter box, which is often changed.

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How Much Food Should A Cat Eat?

A cat can eat a variety of foods. 

It depends on their size, breed, activity, and how much they need to eat.

Here are some tips on how much food to feed your cat:

1. Don’t feed them if they are not hungry.

2. If they are young, they can eat as much as 10% of their body weight in food per day. 

3. If they are older, they can eat a little less. The numbers vary depending on the age and size of your cat and how much they eat.

4. If you feed wet food, it’s good to give them a small amount as a starter.

5. If you feed dry food, they can eat a little more than if they eat wet food.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, it takes cats around 12 hours to digest food. Cats have a very low metabolism and, therefore, can be active for longer periods without rest.

Cats have to eat constantly to maintain their digestive tract. This means that it would take a long time to digest food since they are constantly eating.

Cats’ metabolism is much higher than humans because they are always hunting or looking for food. That means that the digestion process is extremely slow, which could be why cats seem so picky about what they eat.

Considering how high cats’ metabolic rates are, it’s understandable why the digestion process takes so long.


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