Best 3 Strong Smelling Dry Cat Food

Do you have a cat? Have you ever noticed how they love the strong smelling dry cat food? It’s no surprise since cats are carnivores, and that’s what their diet is made up of.

If your kitty has an aversion to wet food, then it might be time for them to switch to high-quality dry food. This blog post will discuss the best smelling brands on the market right now!

Dry cat food sometimes smells strong. The smell is usually caused by the type of protein used in the recipe, like chicken or fish flavor.

Strong Smelling Dry Cat Food
Strong Smelling Dry Cat Food

However, other factors can contribute to how strong your dry cat food smells. One factor is if you use water when preparing it instead of broth or milk; this will increase the odor because cats love wet foods and gravitate towards them (especially if they’re feeling sick). 

A cat has a good sense of smell and is attracted to strong-smelling food. Most dry cat foods have a bland odor that doesn’t attract cats as much as wet food.

Another thing to consider is what brand you’re using- some brands have a stronger scent than others, so be sure to check out reviews before buying!

Best 3 Strong Smelling Dry Cat Food Brands

When it comes to strong-smelling dry cat food, there are several options available. While preferences can vary among cats, here are 3 popular dry cat food brands known for their strong aromas:

1. Royal Canin Adult Fit 32

Royal Canin is a well-known brand that offers a variety of specialized cat foods. The Adult Fit 32 formula is designed for adult cats with moderate activity levels.

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It contains a combination of highly digestible proteins and fibers to support healthy digestion. Many cat owners find this food to have a strong, appealing scent that attracts their cats.

2. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Indoor Chicken Recipe

Blue Buffalo is a reputable brand that offers a wide range of cat food options. The Wilderness Indoor Chicken Recipe is specifically formulated for indoor cats, focusing on their nutritional needs.

It features real chicken as the primary ingredient and contains a blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Many cat owners have reported that this dry food has a strong smell that their cats find enticing.

3. Hill’s Science Diet Adult Urinary Hairball Control

Hill’s Science Diet is a popular choice among cat owners and veterinarians. The Adult Urinary Hairball Control formula is designed to support urinary health while also helping to manage hairballs.

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It includes a balanced blend of nutrients, natural fibers, and antioxidants. Some cat owners have found this particular formula to have a strong odor that cats seem to enjoy.

Cats’ preferences can vary, so what may be appealing to one cat might not be the same for another.

It’s always a good idea to consult with your veterinarian to choose the best dry cat food that meets your cat’s specific nutritional needs.

Why does Strong Smelling Dry Cat Food?

Cats are hunters by nature. They love eating meat since they feast on it in the wild. That’s why dry cat food smells like meat; your kitty can almost taste it!

Tips for Choosing Dry Cat Food

When you go shopping, check out the ingredients list on the side of the carton. Ensure it contains protein-rich meat, vegetables, and fruits to provide your cat with all the essential nutrients they need!

Check out Chewy’s blog if you want more tips for finding the best-smelling dry cat food or any other products. On this website, you can find the best brands for your pet and guides on properly taking care of them!

How can you stop it from smelling?

If you hate the smell of dry cat food, then you can always mix it with some wet food. This is especially useful if your pet has a sensitive stomach and needs to be on medication or eat foods that won’t make them feel sick. This combo is very common amongst pet owners, but make sure to speak with your vet first!

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What is the best type of dry cat food to buy and why?

When it comes to dry cat food, you can choose from a variety of brands and flavors. The best type depends on your pet’s daily needs as well as their taste preference! This will ensure that your kitty won’t have any health problems due to the ingredients.

Here are some types of dry cat food:

  • Grain-Free
  • Natural
  • Healthy
  • Indoor Formula
  • Kitten Formula

You can go for any type. It depends on your feline friend. If you already know what they like, then great! If not, ask the veterinarian which brands are best suited for their lifestyle and dietary needs.

Why does cat food smell so strong?

If the dry blend smells too strong, there might be some concerns. Make sure to check for mold since it is usually the most common reason it smells so much! This doesn’t mean your cat can’t eat from that carton, and they have a sensitive nose, so they won’t want to eat from it.

If your cat’s dry food smells too strong, we recommend changing brands and flavors to see if it helps. If not, we advise taking them to the vet since this might be a sign of their illness or medication.

What are some natural solutions for getting rid of the smell?

You can make your kitty’s food smell a bit better in many ways. We recommend one of these options:

  • Add some canned food to their dry kibble
  • Sprinkle it with cheese, tuna, or salmon
  • Mix it with some baby food (make sure it doesn’t contain onion powder)

What is the most flavorful dry cat food?

These are some of the most flavorful dry cat foods you can find:

Why does some cat food smell so good?

You might be wondering why cat food is so good smelling? There are many reasons for this, but it comes down to your furry friend needs nutrients and protein-rich meat.

Why does some cat food smell so good
Why does some cat food smell so good

If you’re on the lookout for dry kibble with a great flavor, then make sure to check out Wellness Complete Health Natural Grain Free Dry Cat Food!

This is a great option for cats of all ages since it has added vitamins and minerals. It’s also free from any artificial ingredients, making it a healthy choice for your kitty!

If you think that dry cat food is the best option for your feline friend, then make sure to follow our tips on finding the best smelling one out there!

Can cat food make your cat stink?

Cat food doesn’t make your cat stink, but it can affect the way they smell. This happens because cats are carnivores and their body needs nutrients to function properly.

If you’re looking for dry kibble that won’t make your cat stink, then give Wellness Complete Health Natural Grain Free Dry Cat Food a try. This formula contains over 80% protein, and it contains added vitamins and minerals.

The Last Word

Strong smelling dry cat food can be a great way to stimulate your feline’s senses and discourage them from licking their paws. This is especially helpful if your kitty has been diagnosed with chronic yeast or bacterial infections, often when they lick themselves excessively due to allergies. If you want more information about the benefits of strong-smelling cat food, let us know in the comment below!


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