Simply Perfection Cat Food: Best Review

simply perfection cat food is a cat food produced by a company named simply Perfection. The wording on their bags that this is “real meat” made us wonder if it was cat food containing real meat as the first ingredient or just another marketing trick.

You need to know about this product because they advertise themselves as 100% natural and 100% grain-free.

What does this mean?

100% natural means that all of their ingredients are naturally occurring, and 100% grain-free means the product contains no grains from any source whatsoever.

So, what about meat – how much is there really in a can or bag? Since we needed to know whether this was a “cat food” we could trust or not, we decided to conduct a little research and dig deeper.

Simply Perfection cat food

Many cat owners believe that their cats should eat natural food. Simply Perfect Cat Food provides a healthy alternative, free of harmful preservatives and additives, with the convenience of dry kibble. The ingredients are made in America and contain no wheat gluten or cornmeal.

simply perfection cat food
simply perfection cat food

This holistic food is 100% grain-free, vegan, and nutritionally balanced for adult cats and kitten’s needs. Cats can enjoy a variety from beef to turkey flavors that will leave them feeling full and satisfied without the guilt!

A well-known pet food company is back with a new and improved version of their Simply Perfect cat food. All the previous ingredients, flavors, and textures have been tweaked to ensure that your kitty will be satisfied for hours after each meal. It’s not just about nutrition anymore!

They’re releasing three different formulas this time around Classic Recipe, Grain-Free Recipe, and Salmon & Tuna Recipe. You can’t go wrong with any choice you make because all of these recipes are created from whole meats without any fillers or byproducts to give your furry friends the best possible nourishment.

So if you want to make sure your feline friend has a healthy life full of good eats, then get them some Simply Perfect Cat Food!

Here is a list of the Simply Perfect Cat Food flavors:

Classic Recipe: Chicken, Salmon & Tuna Recipes Grain Free Recipe: Ocean Whitefish, Lamb, Beef Classic Recipe: Turkey, Duck, Chicken Grain Free Recipe: Beef

Now that you know what this cat food is all about let’s see if it’s good for your cat.

Simply perfection ingredients

All ingredients are present in super-high amounts. This gives your cat the best shot at receiving all of the required nutrients for overall health.

Simply perfection dry food for cats protein 33% minimum crude protein (turkey, chicken & beef) carbs 35-41% crude fibre 2.5% maximum moisture 10% maximum ash 1.7% maximum

Simply perfection canned food for cats protein 36% minimum crude protein (turkey, salmon & tuna) carbs 39-45% crude fiber 4.5-7.5% moisture 10% maximum ash 1.2-1.8% maximum

Their dry kibble is simply perfection cat food that contains at least 33% of the required protein. It contains only low amounts of carbs with the same amount of fiber.

Their wet food is pretty much the same in terms of ingredients. However, they contain slightly more protein since it’s a canned product – 36%, but they also have more moisture by volume, making the calorie count even higher than their dry food.

Their Classic Recipe Grain-Free dry cat food is 100% natural, whole meat chicken as the #1 ingredient. All of their other recipes are made using 100% natural, whole meat salmon or tuna, which means they’re all high quality and natural.

However, that’s not where the story ends: their Classic Recipe: Turkey, Duck Chicken is made with 100% natural turkey meat as the #1 ingredient. The same holds for Classic Recipe: Beef, made with 100% natural beef as the #1 ingredient.

As you can see, the word “chicken” appears every once in a while, so it looks like they don’t use chicken exclusively as their main ingredient. However, it still seems to be the most commonly used meat, and since this product is for cats, it is the best meat to capitalize on.

So far, we’ve established that this product is made with natural, high-quality ingredients and contains no grains from any source whatsoever. Now you might be wondering what makes them think their food is nutritious and balanced.

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Simply perfection cat food balance score:

28/30 (93%) The only thing it lacks is taurine, an amino acid that cats need for daily functioning. However, this can easily be supplemented with some other meat source during preparation.

Simply perfection cat food price:

$33.99 for a case of 12 x 13 oz cans ($2.58/lb)

$42.99 for a case of 12 x 7 oz pouches ($3.25/lb)

The price per pound is the same whether you buy canned or kibble food. The difference is in their serving size, which is about half as big as the case of kibble. So if you want to buy them wet food, double the price, and that’s what you’ll pay for their dry equivalent.

Simply perfection cat food digestibility score:

12/15 (80%)

This product contains only whole meats, so it easily scores above average in digestibility. However, the moisture content is slightly high (10%), bringing it down to 80%.

Simply perfection cat food palatability:

26/30 (87%)

Their dry variant scores well for this one as well. It’s got a moist texture which probably contributes to its great taste. Their wet food variant is slightly lower in this category since it’s not as moist, but it still scores above average.

Simply perfection cat hairball control:

19/30 (63%)

Hairballs are a huge issue for cats, and they will always need to groom themselves. However, the quality of their diet plays a big role in how often they shed. Their dry food only needs minor improvements in this department, while their wet food variant is better but still not great.

Simply perfection cat health:

19/30 (63%)

Certain ingredients can be harmful to cats if used excessively. However, there are no concerning issues with the main ingredients in this food. It comes down to the ash content, which is a little high, so I deducted some points there.

Simply perfection cat food convenience score:

20/30 (67%)

This product scores well in this department because it’s got a reasonable price and quality ratio and all of them come in cans which you can store for up to 2 years in the right conditions. This, together with its good overall score, puts Simply Perfection Cat Food at #7 on our dry cat foods list.

If you’re looking for a portion of great canned food with excellent quality ingredients, you should check out this one!

Simply perfection chicken & tuna cat food can be found on, where you can get free shipping for orders over $49.

Simply perfection cat canned food is also available in individual cans and pouches at Amazon.

Nutritional adequacy statement:

Simply Perfection says that their product meets the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) Cat Food Nutrient Profiles for all life stages.

Simply perfection chicken & tuna is not available in packs of dry cat food. You can buy it in cans or pouches, which you can find on, Amazon and other retailers.

How about vitamins?

The ingredients in their Simply Perfect Cat Food Classic Recipe grain free recipe are the following:

Chickens are an all-around healthy choice because they contain about 70% moisture, resulting in a lot of water that your kitty needs to stay hydrated. Protein in chicken is also very easy for your cat to digest, which means that their body will be able to absorb it readily.

Chicken meal is made by cooking chicken meat at a very high temperature to dry it out. Once the moisture is removed, what’s leftover are all of the nutrients found in chicken but condensed into a more nutritious form.

Next time you go to the grocery store, choose a boneless and skinless chicken breast and compare it to this ingredient’s nutritional value. You’ll see that they’re pretty much the same thing!

Rice is a whole grain that contains gluten, which can be difficult for some cats to digest, but it isn’t harmful in small doses. So if your cat has trouble with gluten, this might not be the best choice for them. Otherwise, it’s a perfectly healthy carbohydrate that provides carbohydrates to kitties.

While oats are often used as an alternative to rice, they provide different benefits altogether. Both of these grains are high in fiber which is beneficial if your cat doesn’t receive enough food.

Finally, we have the potatoes. While they may not seem like much, they’re a great source of carbohydrates for your cat and also provide them with moisture as well as antioxidants.

Here’s how this food ranks:

  • Protein: (4/5)
  • Carbohydrates: (3/5)
  • Fiber: (4/5) Fat: (3/5)
  • Caloric Content: (4/5)

The protein is a little high, but the rest of their numbers are pretty solid. They’re near the top in fiber which is what you want to see if your cat has digestive sensitivities. The caloric content seems reasonable at first glance, but I recommend checking out the label before you take your cat to the store to buy some.

Many pet parents assume that because this food contains natural ingredients, it’s better for their cat than something without any “junk” in it. However, according to these numbers, this product has very close amounts of protein and fat. It might be good for your cat, but it’s not “perfect”.

Where is simply perfection cat food made?

I couldn’t find this information anywhere on the product’s website, but I did manage to get in touch with them and here is their answer:

It says “Made in USA” on our package. Our facility is located in the heart of Ohio.

So, according to Simply Perfect cat food, they make their products right in the USA. I should also note that their food is grain-free, which means that they use whole chicken meat to get all of the nutrients out instead of using leftovers.

In conclusion:

This food is a good choice for cats with sensitive stomachs because of its high fiber content and natural ingredients. It might be a little pricey, but you get what you pay for, making this one of the best wet canned foods.

Give your kitty a little variety by mixing this food with the Simply Perfect Cat Food Original Recipe to reduce their fat intake. If you’re worried about them being overweight, then go for a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet that will maintain your cat’s weight but still provide adequate nutrients to keep them healthy.


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