Why Isn’t There Mouse Flavored Cat Food? Best 5 Reasons

There are various cat foods on the market, but have you ever heard of mouse flavored cat food? If not, then don’t worry because that’s why we’re here!

This is a surprisingly popular flavour, but there are no products available for purchase! The lack of this product has left many cats without their favourite meal. Come find out why it’s so tough to find the perfect meal for your furry friend.

Mouse Flavored Cat Food
Mouse Flavored Cat Food

We want to bring awareness to this new and amazing flavor. It’s made from real mice, so it has a unique taste. Unlike other cat foods, there is no smell when your kitty eats them.

This would be perfect for those who can’t stand the smell or want an alternative option for their feline friends! 

Why Isn’t There Mouse Flavored Cat Food? 5 Reasons

There are many reasons why there isn’t a mouse flavored cat food product on the market. Check out some of our top reasons why this flavour is so difficult to produce.

1. One reason there isn’t mouse flavored cat food is that there aren’t options to buy! If you find a store that has it, they won’t have a large supply.

Pet stores and websites sell out so quickly! When some people try to ask for information about where they can purchase this product, most of the time, they are ignored.

This is frustrating because now people have to wait! Not everyone is going to get a response, but those who do are told that it’s not available at the moment and there is no other information.

2. There are no mice in the U.S., and all other countries have strict regulations on cats’ types of food.

3. People would be concerned that the mice in this product were not humanely killed and would feel bad about eating it.

4. The humane movement may take up this cause and find it cruel to kill mice for the sake of a cat treat. This would not please companies, and they might stop producing mouse-flavoured treats altogether.

5. This is such a small market that the profit margins wouldn’t be noticeable enough to continue production.

For all these reasons, there is no mouse flavored cat food on the market. Some companies have toyed with the idea, but there are no products currently available. We’d recommend checking out a company called The Honest Kitchen to see if they’re going to release a mouse flavoured kibble anytime soon!

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Does Dry Cat Food Go Bad?

Is it bad for cats to eat mice?

It’s not bad for your cat to eat mice as long as they are nutritious and humanely killed. Releasing wild animals back into the environment is also an option, but it can be extremely difficult to find a charity that does this. It would be inhumane to let any animal suffer when we can easily provide them with food at home!

The mice used in these products are farmed mice and are raised to be humanely killed for your cat. This is a much better option than grabbing any old mouse from the street!

Is there mouse flavored cat food?

The lack of mouse flavoured cat food products is for various reasons. For one, there are no mice in the U.S., which means it would be extremely hard to find a supplier of these animals.

Most countries have strict regulations on what type of foods cats can eat, so you’d be breaking the law if you tried this at home!

Since ethical treatment of animals is a large concern, the Humane Society may take up this cause and shut down any company that makes this product.

If they take to the internet and find out how difficult it would be to manufacture humanely killed mice, then there’s no way they’d allow this type of treat to hit store shelves!

The small market size for these treats makes it difficult to make a profit and continue production. Unfortunately, this would be another reason why there is no mouse flavored cat food.

The market would not be big enough to justify its price and deter other companies from creating this product!

Best 3 Brands of Mouse Flavored Cat Food

Mouse flavored cat food is a cat food product that many pet owners feed their cats. Feeding your cat mouse-flavored food provides a healthier alternative to the standard high-calorie, highly processed, canned, and dry kibble diet.

Here are the best 3 Mouse flavored cat food:

1. Blue Wilderness Mouse Cat Food

Within the Blue Wilderness cat food line, there are two different flavors. The first is the mouse, which many cat owners prefer because it contains less grain than the other flavor, which is rabbit. It comes in both a wet and dry form to appeal to those who have trouble getting their cats to eat this kind of food.

2. Friskies mouse flavored cat food

The company, Friskies, makes this brand of mouse-flavored cat food. Many people prefer to feed their cats this food because it comes in a dry form and has fewer carbohydrates than other leading brands.


It is also very convenient to use since you do not have to make anything and the only thing you have to do is feed your cat.

3. Naturals Mouse Cat Food

The Naturals mouse cat food is thick and paste-like. It is great for cats that are picky eaters because this food’s consistency can appeal to many cats. As with all other types of cat foods, you should always read the label and ensure it is something your cat would like.

Mice flavored cat food can be a great alternative to the traditional dry or canned food that most pet owners go with. However, there are some things you should consider before you decide to give this kind of diet to your cat.

Why does my cat need mouse flavored cat food?

Your cat needs to eat mouse flavored cat food for a number of reasons. Many people choose to feed their cats this diet because it is healthier than the other available on the market. Cats have a high metabolism and need a lot of energy from their diets to keep them energetic throughout the day.

Mice flavored cat food is a great way to provide your cat with healthy carbs and proteins that they will need to function as they should.

Also, mouse cat food is a lot less processed than some of the other options available, which can be good if you want your cat to have a diet that is as natural as it can be.

When should I give my cat mouse flavored cat food?

If you have an older or overweight cat, you may consider feeding them mouse flavored cat food.

Final Thoughts

This article will hopefully provide a good understanding of mouse flavored cat food ingredients and how they can benefit you and your cat. Also, it will look at the different kinds of mice used in this type of diet, along with their nutritional values. As always, please remember to consult with your veterinarian about any diet for your cat before you begin feeding this type to them.

That’s all for now. If you want to know more information about Mouse Flavored Cat Food, please comment below, and we will be happy to answer your questions!


Why don’t they make mouse flavored cat food?

They do. They make it in the form of blue wilderness mouse cat food on the market.

Why Isn’t Cat Food Mouse-Flavored?

Cat Food companies don’t want cats eating what is mouse flavored cat food, so they don’t make it.

Why is there no mice flavored cat food?

The cat food companies that make cat food haven’t made it. Cats paw, scratch and eat mice all the time. But they know this is not good for cats, so they don’t make a product.

Is mice a good food for cats?

It is good for cats, besides the mouse part. It is healthy, and it contains a lot of protein.

What are some good brands of mice flavored cat food?

Blue wilderness, Friskies, and Naturals.

How much does mice flavored cat food cost?

They vary a lot depending on where you buy them from and what brand you choose. If you want to save some money, then here is a tip.


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