How To Get Cat to Eat Dry Food? The Best Veterinarian’s Guide

How to get cat to eat dry food? Your cat has likely been eating wet food since they were a kitten, and now you’re expecting it’ll be able to move to dry food happily. But the truth is, it may not be so easy.

Cats are instinctively drawn toward the water; if you go from wet food to dry, they may miss the moisture so much that they refuse to eat anything. The key here is how you introduce the new meal to your pet.

Make sure water is always available to them as a reminder Remember that cats are not constantly hungry, and they love to hunt, and if you can move their food bowl close enough to where they want it so they can easily get at it, they’ll take more interest.

Also, keep the water in their bowl high enough, so the food falls the whole way without being splashed out of their mouth. The bowl should never be close enough for your cat to lick. It’s also best to put the bowl away from where they do their other activities, like sleeping and playing.

How to get cat to eat dry food
How to get cat to eat dry food

Find a happy medium that they can easily find. If you use a whole new bowl and plop it down in the middle of playtime, it may be too much for them when they are suddenly forced to try something new right before them.

Make gradual changes. Start at one corner of their current bowl and gradually work your way across the bowl until there is nothing but dry food in it.

How to get cat to eat dry food?

If you’ve only ever given your wet cat food, likely, they won’t eat dry food immediately. This is because their body gets nutrition from their wet food.

They may also not be hungry enough to enjoy the new food. These are good reasons to get them used to eat from a bowl of dry food.

First, you should make sure that your pet enjoys eating the dry food, so start by feeding them little bits of the dry food and their wet food. Once they enjoy chewing on it, cut out all wet food and only feed them some dry.

Then you can start to phase out the dry and increase the wet once again. You should also ensure that you have access to a water source so they always have access to use it whenever they want to.

You may also need to offer more dry food than the rest of their diet if your cat is used to getting wet food all the time. This often means you’ll need to buy two different flavor varieties – one for wet and one for dry.

How Can I Get My Cat To Eat Dry Food?

Allow your cat to eat dry food by appealing to its inherent curiosity. Experiment with brands, flavors, and textures to see what your cat prefers. Introduce dry food alongside their usual wet food to introduce the cat to new food. You Make dry food appealing to your cat, and he’ll be eating it regularly in no time.

You may also mix their dry food with some canned food if you don’t buy the dry flakes alone. This is often a good idea if your cat doesn’t seem to like the texture of dry food.

Add vegetable oil, or use a wetting agent your cat uses. You should also change out the water in their bowl each day.

If you add a little vegetable oil at first, then gradually increase the amount each time you change their water, they’ll get used to the new texture.

Your cat must eat well to get all its essential nutrients and minerals. If your cat refuses food, take them to the veterinarian for a checkup.

Why does my cat not like dry cat food?

Cats will often not take to a new food immediately because they have developed a liking for the wet food they’ve always eaten. Add some wet food and vegetable oil to make cat food more appealing.

You may also use a wetting agent in the dry cat food. You may also only feed them as much as they can eat at one time and use a scoop so that it doesn’t go out of their mouth when they don’t want it to.

It’s common for cats to be hesitant about trying something new, like a new type of food. Try mixing the dry food with some canned food so that your cat gets used to the texture, and then switch it up by switching from canned to dry, or vice-versa.

If your cat is generally healthy and likes his treats, he is probably just experimenting when he stops eating the dry food. Give it some time and introduce the new food one aspect at a time.

How can I encourage my cat to eat dry food?

A cat used to wet food may not like eating only dry food. To make your cat accustomed to the dry flavors, you need to introduce those flavors slowly.

Start by mixing a small amount of dry food with their current flavor of wet cat food. You can also use a little vegetable oil or a wetting agent.

Each day, you should slowly decrease the amount of wet food or increase the amount of dry food until, eventually, all you’re feeding them is dry food.

Mix up the dry food a little each time you change the water so your cat will get used to a different texture and may begin to eat it on its own. Offer your extra cat treats (like canned food) with the new food so that he learns to associate the new food with good things.

How to get cat to eat dry food

Cats Won’t Eat Dry Food: A Veterinarian’s Guide

If your cat refuses to eat dry food, you must research how to encourage them. You may mix the two flavors until your cat gets used to the new food. Also, try putting some vegetable oil or a wetting agent in it. Cats will then be more willing to eat it.

Work slowly, and don’t spoil your cat by only serving dry food all at once. If you do this, they may think you’re trying to force the food down them.

You might also try offering some canned cat food, or a mixture of canned foods, to your cat with the dry food. This should help them to associate the new food with something they enjoy.

Don’t just serve your cat dry food all at once, but try slowly phase out its current wet food so your cat can get used to the new type of food. If you add too much in all at once, it could make them sick at first.

Why Won’t My Kitten Eat Dry Food?

A kitten is a very different animal from an adult cat. This is because they are born as babies, and you should do all you can to encourage them to eat their new food.

You should use a wetting agent or vegetable oil before feeding the dry food so that your cat will begin to associate that flavor with good things like food. If your kitten continually refuses the food, it could be that it’s not very appealing to them (which happens quite often).

Since they have been born as a baby and their digestive system isn’t fully developed, kittens need to be fed more often. You’ll need to feed them more often than adults, at least doubling the amount of dry food you feed them. Some kittens will refuse their food immediately, which is perfectly normal for a kitten.

How to Make Dry Cat Food Into Wet Cat Food?

If your cat is uninterested in dry food, you may want to create a mixture that tastes like wet food. You can mix the dry food with canned cat food or add some vegetable oil to it.

It would help if you also tried adding flavor enhancers, such as gravy mix and spices, to their dry food. Adding their favorite treat or some tuna juice can make their dry cat food taste better.

Another thing you can try is changing the texture of their dry cat food. This could be by adding a few shakes to it or using a scoop so that they can eat it more easily. You can also try mixing the food with canned cat food or some vegetable oil, so they’re used to the new texture.

If your cat doesn’t eat dry food, you must research and learn how to make their favorite wet food into dry cat food. You might even mix the two foods, such as adding wet dog food and chicken in gravy (from their favorite brand).

Dry food can be made into wet cat food by adding water (sometimes a wetting agent). You may need to experiment with different amounts or different brands of dry food to find out what your cat likes, and then adjust the amount accordingly.

Dry food can be made into wet cat foods like pate or canned food. You should also check the ingredients and see what’s in the can to ensure that you’re feeding your cat high-quality dry food.

If you’re feeding your cat their dry food in a bowl instead of Kibble, you can use plastic bowls to control the moisture level. You can put water in easily if it’s too dry or wet.

Make sure that the pieces of wet food are small enough so your kitten won’t choke on them accidentally. It’s best not to feed canned food as wet food because they’re high in carbohydrates.

Final Thoughts

Make sure that you know why your cat is not eating their dry food. Feeding them wet cat food straight away is not a good idea and may lead to health problems in the future. It would be best if you tried to gradually get them used to eating dry cat food by mixing it with wet cat food or adding some oils or other products to their dry food.

If your kitten has been refusing their food for a long period, you might have to bring them to the vet for a checkup.

I hope my tutorial on making dry cat food into wet cat food has been helpful to you! Leave a comment below if you know any other tips on making dry cat food into wet cat food!

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it. 🙂


Why cat won’t eat dry food only wet food but why?

Cats know dry food has less nutrients than wet food and is less appetizing than wet cat food. The extra water content also makes it easier for them to digest. This is why many cats like wet food better than dry food.

Why won’t my cat eat dry food?

It is hard to say why a cat would eat dry food over wet food, but there are a few reasons they might prefer one over the other.

Will the cat eventually eat dry food?

If you are patient and continue to offer them dry food, they will eventually eat it.

Why won’t my cat eat the dry food I give him?

Cats can be very picky, especially when it comes to their food. They do not like change in their routine and may reject the new food initially.  

Is it bad if my cat won’t eat dry food?

It is perfectly normal for your cat to refuse to eat dry food. If they aren’t eating the food and are losing weight, it may be something to look into.

Why has my cat stopped eating dry food but eats treats?

If they are not eating the food and only eating treats, it is probably because they like treats. Try giving them pleasure every other day to see whether it helps.

How to encourage a cat to eat dry food?

There are many ways to encourage your cat to eat dry food. You can mix it with their wet food, add some water and some of their favorite treats, or even try a new brand of food.


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