How To Farm Cat Food Battle Cats: 5 Best Ways

Read the full article to learn How to farm cat food battle cats. If you love cats and also love playing games, then there is a game for you! 

It’s called “Battle Cats,” an app where the players start with one cat and must battle other cats to gain experience.

It takes time and patience. But if you’re willing to put in the effort, I’ll show you how! This blog post will go over how to farm cat food in Battle Cats.

How To Farm Cat Food Battle Cats?

This guide will go over a list of strategies that can help you farm cat food in Battle Cats. The first thing you will need for this article is patience, and there are no shortcuts when it comes to farming in this game. 

How To Farm Cat Food Battle Cats
How To Farm Cat Food Battle Cats

You’ll also want an Android or iPhone device since the Battle Cats app is unavailable on the Amazon Appstore. The game also requires the player to have progressed far enough to be able to farm cat food.

To start, you’ll want to join JINYO’s guild. Many players prefer doing this because it can increase your chances of getting drop rates boosted on certain days if you complete Jinyo’s dungeons.

However, it is possible to get drop rates boosted without having to join Jinyo’s guild. You’ll need to make sure you complete the world boss stages with enough time left over on the clock (at least 15 seconds).

If you’re looking for a way to farm cat food quickly, this is the best way to do it. Anyways, this is what you will need before you can get started farming for cat food:

Cat Food Drop-rates Boost (Optional) Jinyo’s guild (Optional) Battle Cats app Battle Cats account level 10+ (Preferably higher if possible) Enough stamina to run the dungeons when they are at double drop-rates

Now that you have the preparations let’s get started!

1. World Boss Stages

If you’re looking for a way to farm cat food quickly, this is the best place to start. To do these stages, you’ll need enough time on your hands because it can take quite a while.

You’ll also want to complete all of the floors before fighting the world boss, so you don’t waste any time catching up to them when the stage starts.

The goal is to kill as much as possible and then let your cats finish it off. You won’t be able to do this every single time, but if you’re able to do it several times in a row, you’ll be able to get the cat food easily!

2. Red Pirate Catacomb

If you need more variety when farming cat food, this is probably the next best place to go.

This stage will also require all of your cat’s skills, so make sure each has everything upgraded to at least level 3 or higher, especially the special cats.

You’ll want to bring along about 15 meatshields while taking out as many of the red pirates before you get your main damage-dealing cat out there. If you do things correctly, this stage should be easy enough that you can farm quite a bit of cat food!

3. Scroll Stages

This is a more casual stage if you’re looking for more variety while farming cat food. The scrolls drop fairly often, and there is a decent chance that the main boss will be a living weapon of some kind, making it easier to get an S+ rank on the score chart. 

4. Black Hole Stages

This is a great place to farm cat food if you have level 30 or higher cats that can hit the entire board with their ranged attacks. However, it will require you to play the stage several times before getting your desired result.

You’ll want to bring along at least 15 meatshields since there are a lot of enemy units that can take out your units easily.

Your main priority should be clearing the black holes before they get too close to the base, but it shouldn’t be a problem if you bring along a few meatshields.

You’ll also want to make sure each of your cats has their special skills upgraded since this stage is a bit longer than the other stages. It’s also a good idea to bring along some Uber Rare and Super Rare cats since they will be able to help you out in various situations.

5. True Form Stages

It is possible to farm cat food with these stages, but it seems that they drop less often than the regular stage drops do. So I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to do this unless you have a certain cat you need for your collection.

However, what will work is upgrading all of your cat’s specific skills to level 3 or even 4 if possible (or taking advantage of the super rare/uber-rare cats).

You’ll want to bring along at least 15 meatshields since you’ll be fighting the enemy units that spawn from these stages. You mainly want to focus on getting your special cats out as soon as possible since they usually help you win the stage.

You can also try using some highly leveled cats with strong area attacks, but it might not always work because the enemy units that spawn from the stages seem to be a bit higher level than your cats.

In any case, it’s best if you try all of these methods so you can figure out which one works best for you!

What Is The Max Amount Of Cat Food In Battle Cats?

There is no maximum amount of cat food in Battle Cats, but if you got everything to level 99 without spending any cat food, you would have a total of 1,682,270 cat food.

If you spent some cat money on upgrades, your exact number would be smaller than that.

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How Do You Get Cat Food Fast In Battle Cats?

If you’re looking for a way to get cat food fast, then there are two methods that I know of.

The first method is the premium method which requires you to spend some money on upgrading your cats. You can easily farm all of the cat food that you need for this game using this method.

The second is the free farming method which requires you to complete levels over and over again. This method does take a very long time, but it is completely free!

With this in mind, if you’re on Android devices, then I would recommend using the first method since it’s the only way to farm cat food with no restrictions on how much you can get.

If you’re on iOS devices, you have to decide which method is best for you. If you have a good internet connection and a lot of free time, the free farming method should work just fine!

Is It Possible To Get Unlimited Cat Food In Battle Cats?

Yes. The only way to get unlimited cat food in Battle Cats is if you have unlimited money for upgrading your cats. If this is the case, you won’t ever need to spend any cat food since you can always spend money on upgrades instead.

I don’t know of any other ways to get as much cat food as you want in Battle Cats, but I’ll update this post if I ever find any!

How to get cat food fast in battle cats?

How to get cat food fast in battle cats? One of the most difficult challenges an aspiring Battle Cats player may face. Here are some tips to help you get through this problem.

Tip 1: Watch ads for food offers. It’s easy to watch ads for other items in the game and forget about cat food, but eventually, it will happen. But don’t get disappointed if the ad gives expensive items or doesn’t give anything—keep trying!

Tip 2: Sell your old items on the market to buy cat food. It would be a hard decision to sell your most prized equipment, but don’t hesitate because the price of cat food will be much higher the next time you buy it.

Tip 3: Produce more cat food. Construct more farms or build more barns. This will make you accumulate even more cat food.

Tip 4: Buy expensive items from the market to generate trading currency which could be used to buy cat food or other items.

Tip 5: Don’t be too competitive. Focus on the “main goal” instead of rushing to the next stage. This will make you come back to the gameplay easily and reduce your stress.

Tip 6: Play with your friends. Please invite your friends to play this game, and invite them to give you some cat food or other items as a gift to continue your adventure in the game in a fun way!

Tip 7: Spend real money for Cat Food or limited-time offer items.

Tip 8: Try to find a good online friend that has the same interest as you to play together with. It will help you gain some cat food and maybe even some items.

Tip 9: Accept help from the Internet.

Tip 10: The most important of all—have a good time playing.

What is battle cats XP farm?

Battle Cats XP (XP) is a special currency used in Battle Cats. It can be obtained either by watching ads or completing quests in the game.

One of the most commonly asked questions is how to get Battle Cats XP fast. So today, we will talk about how to farm and earn XP in Battle Cats.

Best way to get XP in battle cats

Tips for getting battle cats XP fast:

Tip 1: Always watch ads whenever you are given a chance. One of the best ways to earn XP is by watching ads. Even though you have to spend time on ads, it’s a good way to earn some precious XP without spending money.

Tip 2: Use your battle cats XP to buy items from the market. Also, some quests will give you rewards if you complete them in a set time. So use your XP to buy the remaining items needed or reward items.

Tip 3: Purchase the upgrade package for your farms and barns. This will increase the production of food and make it faster.

Tip 4: Sharing is caring, as they say! Share your XP with someone else by using XP gifts or send them to friends through Xp Gifts.

Tip 5: Produce XP with XP-producing units. XP-producing units are much faster than barns or farms when producing XP.

Tip 6: Don’t spend your farm slots on weak cats only. There is a chance that you will get stronger cats later in the game, and you will be thankful if you still have those slots for them.

Tip 7: Make your combos. You must try to develop your battle formations because you will be the one most familiar with them. This will help you better understand the game and how to get XP more easily.

Tip 8: Focus on your progress than on being competitive. Focus on how far you have progressed in the game instead of comparing yourself to other players.

Tip 9: You can always compare your results with another player. It will help you gain a better understanding of how far you have progressed in the game.

Tip 10: If you have a big problem with earning XP, try to check out the FAQs available on the Internet. It can be helpful to know how to get XP fast or earn more XP in Battle Cats.

How to farm XP in battle cats?

Battle cats XP farming tips:

Tip 1: Play on a path that has the highest enemy level. This will help you earn more XP for every battle you play.

Tip 2: Try to eliminate as many enemies as possible in one turn. This will help you earn more XP for each battle you play.

Tip 3: Be sure to check your friend leaderboard and be able to tag the friends who are far away from your ranking for motivation purposes.

Tip 4: You can always follow the tutorial and earn some XP when learning how to play. The tutorial will help you earn some XP, and it’s a good way to start your journey in the game.

Tip 5: Try playing battle levels on a normal mode. This will help you earn more XP than playing easy levels in Battle Cats.

Tip 6: Accept quests that are available in Battle Cats. This will help you earn more XP, especially if you satisfy most of their conditions in one attempt.

Tip 7: You can always make your quests and send them to friends. This will help you earn more XP, especially if you satisfy most of their conditions in one attempt.

Tip 8: Make sure that your battle cats are level 20+. This will help you earn more XP for every battle you play if you can reach a high level because enemies are harder to beat the higher level they get into.

Tip 9: Visit our blog and read articles about getting Battle Cats XP fast here. It can be helpful to know how to get XP fast or earn more XP in Battle Cats.

Tip 10: Buy premium features such as battle cats XP packages on your account.

Battle cats best farming techniques

Battle Cats is a great game. But every game has its own best farming techniques. These are some farming techniques that we think will help you enjoy this game and make it more fun while getting some money, XP, experience points, and items.

It would be best to use the Battle Cats XP tips above to get Battle Cats XP fast.

What Is The Max Level In Battle Cats?

The max level in Battle Cats right now is 100. However, if you’re looking to get as much money as possible from this game, you should only focus on upgrading your cats to level 20 or 30 at most.

This is because after that, upgrading your cats will only increase the cost of each upgrade instead of increasing the stats of your cat.

If you decide to skip this part entirely, then I think that getting all cats to level 50+ is a pretty good option, too, since it’ll make the game easier for you (since your harder enemies will be weaker).

What Is The Rarest Cat In Battle Cats?

The rarest cat in Battle Cats is the outer space cat. The only way to get this cat is by getting lucky enough to have it drop for you or by spending some real money on the game if you want an exact number of how many drops it’s going to take until you finally get it.

How Do I Unlock “Special” Cats In Battle Cats?

The only special cat that I know of that you can unlock is Paris. You unlock this cat by getting a score of at least 12,000 on the “Paris Terror Attack” stage. Other than this cat, though, there are no other special cats in Battle Cats.

At any rate, if you want more special cats in Battle Cats, I suggest that you start saving up some money to buy the special cat capsule. You can unlock this by getting at least 1 star on every single stage in Battle Cats!

How Do I Unlock New Worlds In Battle Cats?

The only way to unlock new worlds is to spend $2.99 for each world pack. If you don’t want to spend any money on this game, keep playing until a new world unlocks. There’s no way that I know of to speed this process up!

How Do I Unlock New Levels In Battle Cats?

The only way to unlock new levels is by getting lucky enough to drop from completing missions or by buying the currently locked worlds. For example, if you complete all of the missions for world 1 then a new level will unlock!

On another note, though, there isn’t any use to unlocking levels unless they have bosses or stages on them, so don’t go out of your way to try and unlock new levels in Battle Cats since they’ll be useless to you!

What Special Cats Are Good In Battle Cats?

The best special cat in Battle Cats is Bahamut. This cat costs 1250 XP to unlock, but it’s well worth the XP since it can take one shot at an entire row of enemies!

Other than this, though, you should only focus on buying all of the cheaper cats in Battle Cats – especially if your goal is to get as much cat food as possible in Battle Cats!

The Bottom Line

We hope you enjoyed this blog post on how to farm cat food. Remember that the more cats you have, the more resource points and experience points for your battle cats. This means they can level up faster, which is great when it comes time to fight against other players in PvP battles!


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