How Long Does Dry Cat Food Last Once Opened?

How long does dry cat food last once opened? Dry cat food can last up to two years after it has been opened. This is because the ingredients are primarily dehydrated.

The moisture in the air will cause the food to turn into a solid-state, making it difficult for bacteria or other microorganisms to grow on it.

This means your dry cat food is safe to use for at least two years after opening and can be kept at room temperature.

How Long Does Dry Cat Food Last Once Opened?

This statement would be true if it talked about how long dry food lasts if kept in an airtight container. However, this is not always the case.

How Long Does Dry Cat Food Last Once Opened

Some cats (and people, for that matter) prefer to ‘break into a new bag of kibble before transitioning their pet over to eating solely from said bag. This leads to the food being exposed to air and, therefore, begins ‘going bad.’

If you notice that your cat doesn’t like a particular flavor or brand of kibble, it’s best to transition them over as quickly as possible. It is easier for some cats to accept a new type of food if they are introduced before their current supply runs out.

Some cats may refuse to eat their old food if mixed in with the new, so you need to transition them over before both types of food run out.

If you are purchasing different flavors and your cat isn’t eating one of them, try putting a little bit at the bottom or top of their bowl (depending on how picky they are) to see if they will eat it.

How do you store dry cat food after opening?

Most often, dry cat food is stored in the original packaging. It plays a very important role as it allows pet owners to determine the shelf life of an opened product.

Moreover, some products have a special seal under which the remaining portion cannot be accessed, and it will not open if you try to pierce it with a fork or knife.

It is worth noting that all types of cat food should always be kept away from moisture and at room temperature. It will extend its service life and reduce the growth of microorganisms and prevent souring or maturation.

How Long Will Your Pet Food Stay Fresh and Safe?

Food can develop an off odor or taste if left out too long.

The best way to determine if your pet food is still safe to eat is by inspecting it for any visible signs of mold, cloudiness, or discoloration.

How Long Will Your Pet Food Stay Fresh and Safe

If there is a change in color or appearance, discard the food and do not use it.

The shelf life of your pet food depends on the type and variety.

Canned or moist foods may only last a few days to weeks, whereas dry kibbles can remain fresh for months or even years.

It is not recommended to use food past its expiration date, so you must keep up with the food’s storage and expiration dates.

What About Wet Pet Food?

Canned wet pet food is inspected at the processing plant for quality, safety, and proper labeling. Once opened, this type of food is only good for a few days.

To keep it fresh while in your home, make sure you store it in air

tight containers, and once opened, store it in the refrigerator to slow bacterial growth.

It is recommended that you are fully clean and disinfect your pet food bowls after each use.

The Last Word

At last, you know how long your dry cat food will last once it has been opened.

If your pet doesn’t eat its food promptly, you can safely store it for up to two years as long as you keep the bag airtight and out of direct sunlight.

Just remember to follow storage and expiration dates provided by the manufacturer.


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