Does Wet Food Hydrate Cats? Best 5 Tips to Keep Your Cat Hydrated

Does wet food hydrate cats? The idea of feeding cats wet food can be a bit overwhelming, considering the amount of cat food. One such option is canned wet food. Wet food in cans is an excellent, affordable choice for a few reasons. Canned wet food also includes hydration which is important for our feline friends who are prone to dehydration and need more fluid intake than dry kibble-based foods.

First, it is important to note several varieties of wet food, including canned wet food and pate. The difference between these two diets is that the latter is prepared with a smooth texture made from chicken or fish.

All cat meals have been designed with the element of hydration in mind for quite some time now, and yummy wet foods have always been around. Cats have a natural need for water, so their diets must be constantly adjusted daily to survive with little occurrences in the world.

One may consider feeding canned wet food to cats a regular occurrence. This is not always the case. It is important to feed your cat canned wet food occasionally since moist food can be quite rich, leading to digestion problems or even diarrhea.

Canned wet food also has a bad reputation due to its high sodium content, resulting in water retention and elevated blood pressure levels that are undesirable for felines.

Does wet food hydrate cats?

Yes, wet food has enough water in it to provide your cat with much of the hydration they need. The amount of water contained in the food is how it is labeled. So, wet food containing “high moisture” contains the most water. If you purchase canned dog food from the pet store, you will likely find that this type of kibble has extra water added to keep your dog hydrated.

The ingredients for cat foods also vary, and, as a result, it is difficult to manage cats’ diets based on what they eat. The water found in canned cat food varies from wet food labeled “low moisture” to “high moisture” in canned cat food. The difference in water is generally 50% or less.

Does Wet Food Hydrate Cats
Does Wet Food Hydrate Cats

Canned wet cat foods may be a good choice for your cats, but it is essential to ensure you know how much water they need, as cats are not very good at telling us when they are thirsty.

Most dry foods have a very low percentage of moisture and higher levels of carbohydrates than wet foods, which can lead to health problems like diabetes and even liver or kidney failure.

Cats’ kidneys may be forced to work harder when digesting a diet that contains large amounts of carbohydrates. This is because the cat’s body does not have enough water to process large amounts of dry food.

The essential ingredients in dry food are still necessary for a healthy cat, but canned wet food provides your feline with more hydration than dry kibble.

Wet cat food is very beneficial because it contains high levels of water, a substance that is quite important for our feline friends. To be healthy, the cats need to drink a lot of water, which can be challenging for husky felines. So, if your cat is struggling with hydration issues and you are looking for an easy fix, consider wet food regularly.

How To Keep Your Cat Hydrated? Best 5 Tips

A cat’s body can only process so much food at once. If this is insufficient to maintain the cat’s hydration, they will start to suffer in various ways.

Here are 5 top tips on how to keep your cat hydrated:

1. Drinking fountains:

Although your cat may not care much for water that is kept in a bowl, they are sure to love drinking water from a fountain! A cat drinking fountain is an excellent option because it provides your cat with fresh, moving water that keeps the bowl full. 

2. Humidity:

In drier climates, cats can experience dehydration more frequently due to the air’s lack of humidity, making drinks taste stale and wet food harder to consume.

3. Feed Wet Food:

This may seem odd, but cats should still be fed dry food occasionally. Cats can only quickly digest 40% of their wet food, so you shouldn’t have to feed your cat wet and dry food daily. 

4. Special Supplements:

Many supplements can help support a feline’s digestive system. Some of these include probiotics, enzymes, and herbs such as catnip, etc. These supplements assist your cat with maintaining healthy digestion through the course of their lives.

5. Make the Water Tastier:

When the water bowl is empty, make it more interesting. Placing a few ice cubes in the water or putting a drop or two of canned cat food will entice your cat to drink.

This way, the cat will get plenty of water without constantly drinking from the bowl, and it will be possible to keep your cat hydrated.

How to hydrate cats during heatwaves?

Hydration is extremely important for a cat’s health. You might think your cat doesn’t get thirsty because it doesn’t meow or try to drink from a water bowl. But in reality, cats get thirsty just like people do.

Heat waves can be especially hard on your cat since they are typically more active when the temperature rises, so your cat will need to drink more water. If your cat is being particularly fussy about drinking when it’s hot out, try these tips:

1. Place a bowl of ice cubes in the area where your cat usually drinks during heatwaves so that they have no choice but to drink from it during those times.

2. Give your cat a special treat after drinking water. This will encourage the cat to drink in arid conditions.

3. Place some water or saline solution next to the bowl and leave it out for your cat so that it can easily find and drink from it when they are thirsty.

Vet Advice | Should I Feed My Cat Wet or Dry Food?

Is it normal for cats who are fed an all-wet food diet to drink very little water?

It is not only animals that are fed mostly wet food that drink less water, but also cats that are fed mostly dry food. Cats who eat primarily dry food produce very concentrated urine as they do not get imbued with enough water.

The result would be dehydration, which is dangerous for a cat’s health. Cats require between 29 to 59 ml of water per day, depending on their activity levels. Feeding cats a mix of wet and dry foods daily is recommended.

Should I add water to wet food to provide extra hydration?

Many pet caretakers make the mistake of putting more water than needed into the food. In case you are wondering whether or not you should mix the wet food with water – no, you shouldn’t do it. Most manufacturers of commercial cat foods provide detailed recommendations on how to serve wet food and how often cats need to be fed to sustain their optimal health.

As long as your cat eats appropriate wet food, they should stay hydrated and get essential nutrients and vitamins.

Wet Cat Food Helps to Hydrate Your Cat?

Wet cat food is a great way to help your kitty stay hydrated, especially during hot weather. A study published in Physiology & Behavior in 2008 concluded that cats consume less water when fed dry food. Cats are picky about their food and do not drink enough water when they eat only dry food.

There is no doubt that wet cat food is a great way to help your kitty stay hydrated throughout the day. This is particularly the case during hot weather.

So, please do not be too stingy when supplementing your cat’s diet with wet food daily. This simple step may help to improve your cat’s health and even save your feline friend’s life.

How to hydrate a cat that won’t drink water?

Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where your cat refuses to drink water. Don’t panic! There are certain simple ways to get your pet to drink more water.

Make sure the water bowl is full of fresh, clean water all the time. This will prevent your cat from getting dehydrated and make them consume more water. Many cats like running water, so consider placing a drinking fountain in front of the bowl. This is a great way to ensure your cat gets enough water and is not constantly sleeping around the drinking bowl.

In addition, consider using a spray bottle to mist your cat’s coat with water whenever it looks dry. This will get your kitty wet, but not so wet that they will start swimming in the sink.

Pet owners should always strive to provide their pets with enough food and water and offer safe toys that are small enough for them to reach.

How to hydrate a cat with a syringe?

It is common for cats to refuse to drink water from a bowl. If your cat is not interested in drinking water from an open bowl, there are several ways to encourage them. You can try different ways for as long as it takes you to find out what works the most.

Some of the ways to get your cat to drink water include:

1. Hold the syringe upright, pull the plunger and inject a small amount of water into it.  

2. Have someone else hold the cat down while you use a paper clip and small tube to place the tip of the syringe into the cat’s mouth.

3. Make sure you have enough water in your hand to squirt water into your cat’s mouth, then point it at him or her and squeeze as hard as possible to release as much water as possible.

4. Use a small amount of honey to dissolve a drop of water, then apply it directly onto your cat’s tongue.

5. Use a dropper to place a small amount of water into your cat’s mouth.

6. If you have some time and patience, try to feed your cat with a syringe or eye dropper.

Final Thoughts

It is important to remember that if your cat is still not drinking enough water, it might indicate a larger health issue. If this persists, you will most likely have to take your cat to the vet.

Your pet may still be thirsty even after providing it with fresh water, so make sure they have plenty of other options for hydration. Be sure to provide your cat with clean drinking water and quality food. This will help keep them hydrated and in good health for many years.

I hope this article was useful and that you learned something new. If you have any other ideas, I would love to hear them in the comments below. I hope that your cat is staying hydrated and feeling great!


Can cats get enough water from wet food?

The answer is yes. As long as your cat eats appropriate wet food, it should stay hydrated and get essential nutrients and vitamins that prevent it from getting sick.

How much hydration does a cat get from wet food?

The same amount of hydration as the amount of water you would give by hand. Wet food contains all the water your cat needs.

When should a kitten drink the most water?

Kittens should drink the most water before they become physically mature, somewhere around 6 months. After that, they will start getting most of their hydration from their food. This is true as long as they are eating wet food.

How can I hydrate my cat quickly?

You can squirt a little water onto their tongue, then get them to lick it off. You can also put a little more than normal into their food bowl, and they’ll drink it. You can also use a little honey to dissolve the water and have them lick it off. Consistency is the key to hydration. If you’re not consistent, they won’t know when they’re thirsty.

Do cats need wet food everyday?

Cats need wet food every day because it helps them to stay hydrated. They can’t get enough water from dry food, so ensure that you consistently feed your cat with wet food and always ensure fresh and clean water for them to drink.


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