Ami Cat Food: Best 8 Key Features Of This Food

Ami cat food is a brand of cat food manufactured by Ami Pet Food Company Ltd. The company was established on 1 June 2003 and is located in Hong Kong. They produce cat food formulations for domestic and export markets based on natural ingredients.

This cat food is a 70% poultry meal and 30% fish meal mixture. This is a very unusual formulation for cat food because it lacks meat, such as chicken and fish.

This is because these other ingredients are not considered to be safe by many vets or nutritionists.

Ami cat food, however, claims to be 100% complete because it offers an adequate amount of omega-6 fats from flaxseed and has plenty of omega-3 fats from fish oil.

What Is Ami Cat Food?

Ami (pronounced Ah-Mee) is a brand of cat food that traces its roots to other well-known brands manufactured by Ami Pet Food Company Ltd.

“Ami Cat Food is a high quality, holistic grain-free alternative to traditional dry and canned cat foods. Our fresh, human-grade, protein first recipes with 80% meat are thoughtfully crafted and made with the best non-GMO ingredients.”

Ami Cat Food
Ami Cat Food

This information alone should tell you that this is not the average cheap cat food you find in your local grocery store. It is more expensive, but it is of higher quality and made with better ingredients.

For example, the protein which comprises 80% of Ami cat food comes from 100% human-grade natural meat sources.

8 Key Features Of The Ami Brand Of Cat Food

Many different features set Ami cat food apart from other cat food brands.

Here are some features below:

1. Complete and balanced nutrition

All Ami cat food varieties contain high-quality protein in poultry and fish meals.

2. Grain free, preservative free, and GMO-free

All cat food varieties are 100% grain-free, preservative-free, and GMO-free.

3. Human grade ingredients

Only the highest quality natural human-grade ingredients are used in Ami cat food formulas. No by-products or animal by-products are ever used.

4. Fresh ingredients with no preservatives or additives

All ingredients used in Ami cat food are 100% raw and fresh.

5. Large selection of flavors available

All varieties can be purchased in several flavors: chicken, beef, venison, and rabbit, to name a few.

6. Ingredients that the National Association passes

All animal sources used in Ami cat food are tested and certified by NAFCO to meet the stringent standards for human food production.

7. Approved by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS)

All Ami cat food varieties are approved for pet consumption by the VDACS.

8. Testing and monitoring by accredited laboratories

All ingredients used in Ami cat food are tested at laboratories approved by NAFCO that meet the stringent standards for human food production.

Ingredients And Nutritional Values For Different Varieties

Ami cat food comes in many different varieties. The main ingredients are non-GMO corn, rice protein, fruits, vegetables, salmon oil, and chicken. The following are the nutritional values for some of their varieties:

Chicken and Turkey

Chicken Meal with Chicken Fat (4%), Chickpeas, Rice Protein Concentrate (2%), Salmon Oil (2%).

Beef Meal with Beef Fat (4%), Chickpeas, Rice Protein Concentrate (2%), Salmon Oil (2%).

Venison and Rabbit

Venison Meal, Rice Protein Concentrate, Venison Liver Oil.

Pros And Cons For Cats Who Choose To Eat This Type Of Food

Here are some pros and cons:


1. 100% plant-based kibble for adult cats

2. Grain-Free with very minimal carbs

3. All natural ingredients

4. No artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors

5. Easy to digest food formula that can help to prevent hairballs in cats

6. Guaranteed analysis on all cat foods is available on their website for you to read and decide if it is right for your pet cat


1. Higher in price than other brands (Note: This does not mean it is better, but rather can be more expensive.)

2. Not as extensive of a variety of flavors as other brands.

3. Cost may be an issue for some people due to the high price

Who Chooses To Feed Their Cats This Type Of Food?

There is no one right answer to this question. As mentioned above, the price may be too high for some pet owners. However, many people believe in feeding their cats only natural cat food.

Ami Alternative Best Purina ONE Tender Selects Blend Adult Dry Cat Food


This is because they do not want anything artificial in their cat’s food. They feel that cats have better taste than most humans and do not want to put false chemicals into them.

These products are made to satisfy people who want to feed their cats a more natural cat food that they can eat with no worries. This is also aimed at those owners who want to provide the best possible nutrition for their cats.

Guaranteed Analysis Of Ami Cat Food

Ami cat food comes in many different varieties, so it isn’t easy to provide a guaranteed analysis for all varieties.

However, the guaranteed analysis for Ami rabbit and venison is as follows:

Crude Proteinmin 21%
Fatmin 3.2%
Moisturemax 10.1%
Ashmax 1.0%
Calciummin 0.8%
Phosphorusmax 0.5%

Feeding Guide by Weight

This cat food recommends feeding their product to your cat as a supplement to a diet of natural foods. It is also recommended to feed an amount of food to keep your cat at a healthy weight.

The following table provides an estimate of what you should feed your adult cat according to weight:

Weight (lbs)Daily Feeding (grams)

Other Brands That Offer Similar Features Or Benefits

Many other brands offer similar features and benefits to Ami cat food, but not too many offer the same variety. Some of these other brands include, but are not limited to:

1. Primal Pet Food

2. Weruva, Ltd. Cat Food

3. Blue Buffalo Brand Cat Food

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free, Natural Adult Indoor Dry Cat Food


Note: We do our reviews because we like giving an honest opinion on products we use and provide a base of knowledge for people interested in purchasing this item. We do not get paid for this review, and we generally do not have an incentive to write a positive review.

We are just the people who feed their cats and feel like having an honest opinion on this product while they are still growing.

How To Store Ami Cat Food

You should store any cat food you purchase from a pet supply store in the original packaging. This is because it is important to keep the ingredients moist and fresh. You should follow this rule on any bagged cat food as well.

Final Thoughts

This article has provided an honest opinion of Ami cat food. We have tried to keep the details simple and easy to understand to get as much information as possible in a short period.

Remember that this is only the opinion of two people who wish to provide their thoughts on a product they use while they are still growing. Be sure to consult with a vet or animal nutritionist before changing your cat’s diet.

Can I feed Ami cat food to my dog too?

Yes, Ami cat food comes in several suitable varieties for dogs.

Can I feed Ami cat food to my kitten?

No, it is not recommended that you feed Ami cat food to your kitten.

Is Ami cat food safe for pregnant cats and lactating cats?

Yes, it is safe for pregnant cats and lactating cats. However, you should consult with your doctor before feeding this type of food to a pregnant or lactating cat because they may have different nutritional needs than most adult cats.

Is Ami cat food organic?

No, it is not certified organic. However, it is suitable for those who want to feed their cats a natural type of cat food that contains no so-called artificial ingredients.

Does Ami cat food contain chicken by-products?

No, It does not contain any chicken by-products.

Which Ami cat food flavor is the best?

There is no such thing as a “best” for taste. This is because cats have different tastes and preferences than we do.
Cats are like humans because they have different likes and dislikes of foods. Therefore, the best way to select a cat food is by reading reviews from many different sources.

Can I return Ami cat food?

Yes, it is possible to return Ami cat food for a refund. You should contact them via their website and request your refund once they send you a pre-paid label in the mail that you can use to return the food.


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