Why Do My Cats Scratch around Their Food? Best Answer

A most common question as a veterinarian is, “Why do my cats scratch around their food?”

The simple answer is that it’s part of their instinct to hunt and scavenge for food. When cats were first domesticated, they were still expected to fend for themselves regarding meals.

Thus, they developed the behavior of scratching around their food to help them find and catch prey. While this behavior may seem odd to humans, it actually makes perfect sense from a feline perspective.

In the wild, cats use their claws to dig into the ground to find hidden prey. By scratching around their food bowl, they are essentially doing the same thing – trying to uncover any hidden or forgotten bits of kibble.

Why Do My Cats Scratch around Their Food?

Scratching around cat food is not harmful. It is your cat’s natural behavior to stay safe and hide signs of its presence from other predators.

A cat that eats its food in a way that allows other animals to locate it easily will likely be attacked by other creatures. Plus, some cats like to play with the leftover bits of food they can’t eat.

That is a natural, normal behavior too. Cats enjoy entertaining themselves with things they cannot consume daily.

Every animal has the instinct to keep their bodies clean and healthy. Cats use their paws to clean themselves after patrolling the neighbourhood or catching a prowler.

While this behavior may seem odd, it smells good to them, and they do it to keep smelling fresh, clean, and healthy.

Cats have a similar instinct, too, using their paws to groom themselves. They roll around in the dirt, smell it and rub it all over their fur for good health.

Why does my cat scratch the floor around her food bowl?

There are a few reasons that cats may scratch around their food.

One reason is that they are trying to bury their food. This is an instinctive behavior for cats, who would bury any extra food they had in the wild so other animals wouldn’t be able to find it and steal it away.

Another reason your cat may be scratching around their food is because they enjoy it!

Scratching feels good for cats, so they may just be doing it to enjoy the sensation. Whatever the reason, if your cat is scratching around their food bowl, it’s probably nothing to worry about.

Just ensure that you provide them with good quality food and clean water, and let them enjoy their meal however they see fit!

Why Do Cats Scratch around Their Water Bowls

If you’ve seen your cat scratch around its water bowl, you may have wondered why they do this.

There are a few reasons for this behaviour.

First, cats like to keep their paws clean and free of debris. When they scratch around their water bowl, they’re likely trying to remove any dirt or grime built up on their paws.

Second, cats also use scratching as a way to mark their territory. By scratching around their water bowl, they’re leaving behind scent markings that let other animals know that they claim this area.

Lastly, some experts believe cats scratch around their water bowls because it feels good!

The act of scratching can help relieve tension and stress for them, much like how humans might enjoy a good back scratch from time to time.

So next time you see your cat scratching around their water bowl, don’t be alarmed – they’re taking care of business in one of their many unique ways!

Why Do Cats Scratch around Their Litter Box

If you’ve ever wondered why your cat scratches around their litter box, there are a few reasons why it may do this.

For one, it’s simply part of the digging process that cats instinctively do when using the restroom.

By scratching around the box’s edges, they can loosen up the litter and make it easier to cover up their business.

Additionally, some cats like to use this behavior to mark their territory – much like how dogs will pee on things to mark their spot.

So if you see your cat scratching around their box more than usual, it could be because there’s another cat in the house that they’re trying to assert dominance over.

Why Do Cats Scratch The Floor After Pooping

There are a few reasons that cats may scratch the floor after pooping. One reason is that they are trying to cover up the scent of their waste.

By scratching the floor, they can spread their own scent around and help disguise the smell of their poop.

Cat Scratching around Food

If your cat is scratching around their food bowl, they’re likely trying to tell you something. Cats are very clean creatures and usually won’t scratch around their food bowl unless they’re trying to communicate a problem.

There are a few things your cat might be trying to say when they scratch around their food bowl:

1. The Food Is Too Dry/ Stale

If your cat’s food is too dry or sitting out too long, it may start scratching at the bowl to get your attention. Try switching to a wetter food or feeding them smaller meals more often throughout the day.

2. The Bowl Is Dirty

A clean Bowl is important to a cat’s dining experience.

If their bowl is dirty, they may start scratching at it in hopes of getting you to clean it out. Wash their bowl with warm soapy water daily.

3. They’re Not Feeling Well

If your cat starts scratching around their food bowl and hasn’t been eating as much as usual, it could indicate that they aren’t feeling well.

Take them to the vet for a check-up if this behavior persists.

Cat Trying to Cover Food Like Poop

There are a few reasons your cat may be trying to cover their food with poop.

The first possibility is that they don’t like the food you’re giving them and are hoping to change your mind by making it as disagreeable as possible!

Another possibility is that your cat is feeling anxious or stressed and is using this behavior to self-soothe.

If your cat typically has good manners but has started engaging in this behavior, it’s worth taking a closer look at what might be going on in the life that’s causing them distress.

Regardless of the reason, this behavior isn’t ideal, and if you’re able, you should try to figure out what’s going on so you can help your fur friend feel better.

Why Do My Cats Scratch around Their Food?

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➤ Cats Have Scent Glands In Their Paws, And They Use Scratching To Mark Their Territory

Cats are very particular about their personal space and like to mark their territory with the scent of their paws. When a cat scratches something, they are leaving behind a tiny bit of its smell.

This helps them track where they’ve been and warns other animals that certain felines claim this area.

So, if your cat has started scratching furniture or walls in your home, it’s likely that they’re just trying to mark their territory. However, there may be other reasons for excessive scratchings, such as boredom or anxiety.

If you’re concerned about your cat’s scratching behavior, you should consult a veterinarian or animal behaviorist for guidance.

➤ They May Also Be Trying To Tell You Their Food Bowl Is Empty!

➤ Some Cats Scratch Around Their Food As Part Of A Routine, Like How We Might Tap Our Fork On The Edge Of Our Plate Before Eating

If you notice your cat scratching at their food more often than usual, it’s a good idea to check its bowl and ensure that it has enough food for them to eat.


There are a few reasons why cats scratch around their food. The first is that they’re trying to bury their food. This instinct comes from their wild ancestors, who would bury excess food to save it for later.

The second reason is that scratching helps them mark their territory. They’re letting other cats know that this area is theirs by scratching their food bowl.

Finally, some experts believe that scratching helps stimulate a cat’s digestive system and makes them feel fuller after eating.

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